Chapter 243: The Conditions for a Duel

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Chapter 243: The Conditions for a Duel

Rishia holds her blade out as if to challenge him.
What’s this? I can feel Chi gathering in mass with her at the center.

It’s not coming from within her body.
Chi is collecting from the outside and lending her power.

「Musou Kassei!」
(TL: Peerless Activity. I didn’t change Hengen Musou, so I’m keeping this as is)

I hear a loud snapping sound.
But perhaps it’s just my imagination.
However, as soon as I heard it, I suddenly felt Rishia’s strength increasing.
The current Rishia’s chi rivals Firo… no, it exceeds hers.

Amazing… Is this how Rishia is when she’s serious?
Hengen Musou. The style that was born out of the desire to save the world without having to rely on Heroes.
Rishia has grasped the essence of it, and is utilizing it to increase her power level.

Right now, I cannot measure…

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