Chapter 244: Justice vs. Justice

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Do we have a German speaker in the house?

Chapter 244: Justice vs. Justice

“Naofumi-san, thank you. Please leave the rest to me. I’ll definitely persuade Itsuki-sama.” (Rishia)
“Yeah, I’ll wait expectantly. Just like Female Knight, the current you should be able to do it.” (Naofumi)

Understanding the situation, Ren backs off.
Perhaps he believed that two on one was unfair for a duel, or he was moved by Rishia’s resolve.
I don’t know the reason. Whatever the case, he understands that he shouldn’t get involved in this case.

It seems that Itsuki has finally recognized Rishia as an enemy.
The problem would be if Rishia lost, but we’d be able to kill him with my Wrath Shield combined with Gaelion’s flames.
Luckily, Firo’s also here. We can definitely win.

Anyways, it’s quite a development for Rishia to be fighting Itsuki.
She was always talking about her devotion to him.

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