Chapter 246: Revolution

Inlitify OA

The fact that I’m releasing things at a faster rate means that there are other important things that I have to do, and that I’m procrastinating.

Chapter 246: Revolution

“And like that, Itsuki’s out of the picture. Just in case, we should check out the castle town too.” (Naofumi)
“Firo is sleepy.” (Firo)
“Kyuaa…” (Gaelion)

The monsters yawn drowsily.

“It’s definitely late, but this is the time where we should be working hard!” (Atlas)

Though Atlas gave such a declaration, Firo and the others continuously relay their fatigue.
They’ve been constantly fighting for a while, and its long past bed time.

“Don’t worry about it. Everyone gather here.” (Naofumi)

Let’s see. I think the maximum for the Portal Shield was 7 people… but If I think about it, Ren has his Transfer Sword as well, so we can move even more.
It may be best to check the castle before…

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