Chapter 247: the Castle Town Riot

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Chapter 247: The Castle Town Riot

On our way to the top of the castle, we meet multiple brainwashed parties, but each Time, Rishia throws her weapon and cancels it out.
The higher we climb, the more we encounter, and through our dispelling of the brainwashing, our forces increase.

While we climbed, I was able to look out of the windows at the situation below.
Many fires have broken out, and smoke rises from parts of the city.

Is I my imagination? I see dust clouds racing across the scenery.
That… It’s best not to think about it.

I give up on the outside, and begin searching the castle itself.
Eventually, I run into a wall made out of a thick layer of ice.
It’s most likely a barricade the Queen and her magicians made.
She did say her specialty was ice.

The brainwashed people are slamming their weapons…

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