Chapter 248: Raising an Army

My translations are getting more literal… but I don’t have the creativeness, nor can I be bothered to reword it and make it flow better :/
Anyway~ the chapter we’ve all been waiting for, WELCOME BACK RAPHTALIA-CHAN!! ~^^~

Raising an Army

It’s been a few minutes after that.
As we were heading towards Ryuuto Village, we encountered people who appeared to be seeking refuge.
It seemed a soldier was keeping a lookout so everyone could evacuate smoothly.

“Ah, Hero of the Shield-sama!” (Soldier)

The soldier saw me and began to speak with a relieved expression.

“Let me just ask. What are you guys doing?” (Naofumi)
“We’re in the middle of evacuating citizens because of the violent revolutionaries in the Castle Town. We were able to rescue everyone safely, thanks to the Hero of the Spear-sama.” (Soldier)
“I see. Now, let me release the brainwashing being caused by the revolutionaries in the Castle Town Plaza. I should probably also resolve this conflict personally.” (Naofumi)
“I-is that so!” (Soldier)

Starting with the soldier, the refugees’ faces brightened at my words.

“Where’s the Queen?” (Naofumi)
“She has been directing the evacuation until just then, but she’s taking a break now.” (Soldier)

And with that, the soldier pointed to a carriage residing near the refugees.

“Shall I call for her?” (Soldier)
“No, I’ll go directly so there’s no problem.” (Naofumi)

I get off Firo and approach the carriage.
There, Raphtalia and the Old Hag, as well as Fohl and some of the slaves, were resting.

“Naofumi-sama!” (Raphtalia)
“Atla!” (Fohl)

Raphtalia rushed over joyfully while looking at my face.
Futhermore, Fohl was running over to Atla in the same manner.
Over there is, it’s inconsequential.

“It’s been a while.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah… I really…missed you.” (Raphtalia)
“Well, there’s a mountain of stuff to catch up on, but why are you guys here?” (Naofumi)
“Ah, right. We were coming to ask for Naofumi-sama’s permission to Class Up and were just passing by some meadows when we saw smoke rising from the castle unexpectedly, so we came rushing over in a hurry.” (Raphtalia)
“That’s right. We never thought that we’d encounter such a strange situation.” (Old Hag)

The Old Hag added.
You haven’t heard but…..
Honestly, I’m not good with this old woman.

“Atla! Atla~! Big bro missed you!” (Fohl)
“Hang on big brother, don’t come so close, please. Naofumi-sama is watching!” (Atla)

Atla pushed Fohl away, looking like she really disliked him rubbing their cheeks together.
I haven’t seen Fohl in a while but he’s grown somewhat.
Atla still seems like a child, but Fohl seems to be approaching adulthood already.

That’s the reality when comparing visually.
Compared to Atla who is around ten years old, Fohl is probably around 16 ~ 17 years.
Speaking of which, his looks are somewhat reminiscent of Trash….
It’s what the Queen said so it’s better not to worry about it.

“So the ones who helped the Queen were Raphtalia and your group?” (Naofumi)
“Yes. We rode in front of those who were trying to start a revolution.” (Raphtalia)
“It’s Iwatani-sama….” (Queen)

While I was talking to Raphtalia, the door of the carriage opened and out came the Queen.

“Right now I’m learning about the situation.” (Naofumi)
“Is that so. Shall I report as well then.” (Queen)
“Where’s Trash?” (Naofumi)

The Queen silently points to within the carriage.
Trash was absentmindly loitering inside the carriage with an extremely complicated expression on his face.

“Our beloved daughter started the revolutionary. It should be alright for him to utter his complaints freely.” (Queen)
“You also have it quite tough.” (Naofumi)
“I did try to comfort him though?” (Queen)

Really? I can only see a disheartened couple-like relationship though.
I really don’t understand the relationship of these two.

“That sort of thing is fine. Tell me about the incident from start to end. I heard some of it from the unbrainwashed soldiers in the castle but…. it’s probably better for me to tell you the good news on my end first.” (Naofumi)

I reported to the Queen about the unaccounted Itsuki, the castle soldiers’ tale, my land and the stronghold of the revolutionaries, and that Rishia became able to release the brainwashing.
I also spoke of the mysterious weapon obtained by my companion, Rishia.
I suspect that it’s most likely a Seven Star Weapon, but I wonder how it is really.

“Is this the Hero’s Weapon-like thing that came from the Hero of the Bow-sama’s Bow?” (Queen)
“Yeah, you can see it seems to belongs to the projectile weapon category.” (Naofumi)

There were throwing knives and throwing axes, spear, slings, boomerangs, arrows, as well as shuriken.
To summarise the characteristics, there were a lot of projectile weapons.
There shouldn’t be any mistake.

“That’s strange. There should already be a Seven Star Projectile Hero but…..” (Queen)
“What about them dying and the title becoming Rishia’s?” (Naofumi)
“Just like the existence of the Four Saint Heroes are known, the Seven Star Heroes also have their existence known so that shouldn’t be.” (Queen)
“I see…” (Naofumi)

What kind of reasoning was that?

“Well let’s leave that decision for later. Tell me about the other thing.” (Naofumi)
“Then―” (Queen)

The Queen talked about the events in the castle.
With Raphtalia supplementing some things in the middle.

A riot was caused in the Castle Town due to Justice Zombies, and Witch hoisted a flag in the plaza in front of the castle as a representative of the revolutionaries.

“I, Malty Melromarc, look down on Melromarc’s traditions and I pledge to overthrow the racist Queen Mirelia Q Melromarc for the sake of governing this country!” (Witch)

Witch raised her sword and declared loudly, as if there had been no change in her name.
Surrounding her were the remnants of the Three Hero Sect and the revolutionary nobles, and it seemed the brainwashed citizens were also drawn along.

“”Yeah~!”” (Justice Zombies)

The Justice Zombies raised their voices in agreement with Witch’s declaration.
Apparently, the castle gates were closed for the time being and the Queen’s preparations for ambushing were progressing.
Dragon Knights tried penetrating the castle walls at times but it seemed counterattacks were made in time.
However, there were justice zombies inside the castle as well, and the preparations were at an inadequate level so the soldiers opened the castle gates.

“Go!” (Witch)

At Witch’s order, a suspicious robed person charges ahead and enters the castle.
Of course, this robed guy is one of my slaves who has been brainwashed.
As I expected, it seems that the plot that Witch thought of was a plan which involved marching into the castle and having one of the slaves I raised kill the Queen.

“Wait right there!” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia’s party arrived to calmly clear away the Justice Zombies immediately afterwards.

“Just what are you doing!” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia proclaimed with her sword pointing towards Witch.

“Oh? Well isn’t it the Demon King of the Shield’s right hand man?” (Witch) [T/N: Naofumi has been promoted from devil 悪魔 to demon king 魔王 XD]

Witch quietly scowled at Raphtalia and replied.

“That speech of yours really….. can’t be called a surprise. To cause such damage while conducting a revolution!” (Raphtalia)

Sensing the situation, Raphtalia glared back at Witch and proclaimed.

“Such damage? I am a victim. Of the spear-wielding imposter, of the sword-wielding imposter and…. well, let’s leave this to later.” (Witch)

Witch probably thought of Raphtalia as a summer bug flying in the flames.
She laughed.

“So who is correct. Let us verify it here.” (Witch)

Holding a strange dagger I have no recollection of in her free hand, Witch pointed her sword at Raphtalia.

“Two sword style…?” (Raphtalia)
“I’ll let you watch me personally reform the Right Hand of the Demon King of the Shield.” (Witch)

Cheers broke out in the vicinity.
If she refused the match then everyone here will probably attack.
It doesn’t look to be an amount that can’t be handled but that suspicious dagger is on my mind, and I don’t understand why those in agreement with Witch are raging here either.

“…..I understand. Teacher and everyone else, please watch quietly.” (Raphtalia)

Rather than using her power to settle the problem of being outnumbered, Raphtalia chooses to accept Witch’s proposal.
Witch is also an idiot~
Does she really think she can beat Raphtalia?

….Come to think of it, Witch and Raphtalia have fought once before.
Back then was before Raphtalia had her Class Up and Witch pushed through with the difference in levels.
Witch hasn’t seen Raphtalia since then and even with my sudden growth in strength, she probably doesn’t expect Raphtalia to have become as strong.

I wonder if she looked over the documents gathered by the revolutionaries and remnants of the Three Heroes Sect?
….Nah. Witch is only concerned with knowledge about using others, she wouldn’t think to make such calculations herself.
She probably intends to lure Raphtalia into a trap while calling it a 1 vs 1 battle this time as well.

Or rather, she intends to brainwash Raphtalia using the dagger.
She will win with if she gets a single hit in, so even if her ability is inferior, she can end it with one shot.

“Then as usual…” (Revolutionary noble)

A revolutionary noble raised his hand.

“Fight!” (Revolutionary noble)

He signalled the start of the match.

“Teryaaaaaaa!” (Witch)

Witch faced Raphtalia and brandished her sword with a large swing.

“Ha!” (Raphtalia)

With a small exchange, she stuck Witch’s abdomen with the hilt of her sword.

“Ugu―” (Witch)
“This is for luring Naofumi-sama into a trap.” (Raphtalia) [T/N: Refers to Malty joining Naofumi’s party in the very beginning and then betraying him (stealing the chainmail and funds)]

Incidentally, she made a kick.

“This is for framing Naofumi-sama.” (Raphtalia) [T/N: The false rape incident.]

And then she struck the top of Witch’s shoulder with the sword.

“Gyaaaa!” (Witch)
“And this is for instigating the 1-on-1 fight between the Hero of the Spear and Naofumi-sama and then using an underhanded trick in the end.” (Raphtalia) [T/N: Refers to the fight after the banquet where Raphtalia’s slave status is revealed and Witch cheating with wind magic.]

She extracted the sword and this time cut at the legs.

“There’s still more to come. This is for putting a bounty on Naofumi-sama and trying to kill Melty-chan.” (Raphtalia)
“Eep!” (Witch)

Witch inhaled, after undergoing a torturous barrage of attacks during which she couldn’t help but scream.
However, Raphtalia didn’t loosen her hand.
Well, she did cause a lot of severe hardships, even if it wasn’t to me.

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      1. Kid in the head, Adult for the show…

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    1. I disagree with that notion, Naofumi shall be married to Rishia, for she is the best. Risha x Naofumi forever. Itsuki is with Ren, so Rishia shall be with the one and only, Hero of the Pot Lid.


  1. Hmmm Tricked and framed Naofumi, Cheated during a duel, Stole from the treasury, Tricked the other 3 heroes and either broke them in one way or another, instigated a revolution and sought to overthrow the queen and kill naofumi in one go ….. I wonder what they’ll do to her afterwards 😀

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    1. Queen: “Iwatani-sama, what kind of punishment do you want to give these two? You have the right to choose.”

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    2. Incur another 3000 Gold Coin debt? That didn’t faze her.

      Add a slave seal? that didn’t teach her a lesson.

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      Can’t they just brand her, shave her hair, and then stripe her of her magic? Very fitting for an exile.


      1. No, hang her naked from the castle walls by the ankles and wrists. If she struggles free she falls to her death! If she doesn’t… Well… Of course, you shatter her knee caps and elbows before hand and you don’t leave her there long enough for clotting to begin but…


  2. Finally!!!! I’ve been waiting for that bitch to get her fair share of pain. I’m not sadistic but i enjoyed imagining what her screams sounds like.


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