Chapter 249: Complete Victory

Inlitify OA

Please note that this is still flashback.

Chapter 249: Complete Victory

“Did you know? Melty-chan still thinks of you as her own sister. And for such a simple reason, she will always believe in you. Do you want to betray her feelings?” (Raphtalia)

Witch’s movements dulled for a second, and Raphtalia launches a powerful slash at her.
Wait. I’m pretty sure Melty never really believed in Witch from the start…
She may have talked about it with Firo and Raphtalia when I wasn’t listening.

“Wai-” (Witch)
“I won’t wait. Naofumi-sama is the same. Naofumi-sama believed in you as his only companion, and swore to himself that he would treat you dearly. He thought of you so highly, yet… you trampled on his emotions. You broke him.” (Raphtalia)

Even as she says this Raphtalia’s movements are so fluid that even I am shocked.
It must be because Witch isn’t deserving of…

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