Chapter 250: Promotion

Inlitify OA

Warning, this chapter contains apathetic, gruesome words by the Queen.

Chapter 250: Promotion

It’s been three days.
Me and Rishia endlessly worked towards putting an end to this incident.

After we dealt with all the zombies in my land, we finally got some time to rest.
These people know how to act normal, so we have to have Atlas or Rishia search for them.
In the Castle Town, Raphtalia and Granny had to look them in the eye to find them. But, they somehow managed.

Luckily, dispelling the brainwashing turned out to be surprisingly easy.
All Rishia had to do was throw her weapon.
Though, I still have to use a reinforced prison.

We’ve roughly dispelled all traces of the brainwashing, and after we look over the people again, we can bring this incident to a close.
The amount of brainwashed people has severely decreased, and it has been decreed…

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