Chapter 251: The Bloodline of Heroes

Inlitify OA

Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

Chapter 251: The Bloodline of Heroes

“Now let’s talk for a bit. Take off the gag.” (Queen)
“… Puhah.” (Witch)

Even though she was captured, Witch looks down at everyone gathered with conceit.
She must have confidence that she won’t be executed no matter what.

“Now then, Witch. Do you have anything you wish to say?” (Queen)
“Mama, I was being brainwashed. There’s no way I would take part in a rebellion against you.” (Witch)

Ku… Now that she’s here, she mouthing off some convenient lip service!
Even if she failed, she could simply say that she was one of the many that they had brainwashed to escape.
Though Rishia and Atlas would be able to see through this, she would probably claim they were acting out of personal prejudice.
Just how much of a Bitch is this Witch?

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