Chapter 252: Pleading for Life

Inlitify OA

Aww… Naofumi made a friend. How sweet.

I’ve said it time and again, but I’m just a translator. Don’t blame me for these events…

Chapter 252: Pleading for Life

“They’ll back us up with medical facilities and military power if Witch agrees to attend to their king.” (Queen)

The Queen continues speaking in a calm tone.
Even though the restrictive clothes Witch is wearing prevents her from moving her hands, she desperately struggles to use them to cover her ears.

I unintentionally let out a smile.
And this is the first time Raphtalia doesn’t raise her voice at me.
Though, she’s probably just overwhelmed by the situation right now.

“In reality, it’s a crueler sentence than death. The woman who lived her life by bewitching men will die by a man’s hand.” (Queen)
“Even so…” (Naofumi)

From what I’ve heard, he’s an evil scum of a man, but the fact…

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