Chapter 255: Starting Point

Inlitify OA

It’s a shorter chapter. That’s why it’s early. I’m not going to make too much a habit of 2 per day.

Chapter 255: Starting Point

“And like that, it doesn’t seem that Itsuki will pose a problem. We’ll need to monitor him, but as long as Rishia’s there, it’ll work out. He can’t really run, nor does he seem to have the intention of doing so.” (Naofumi)
“I see, then I’ll leave him to you.” (Queen)
“Well, if he does end up running away again, then I’m really going to dispose of him.” (Naofumi)
“… That’s something I would like to avoid.” (Queen)
“Alright. Next, we can use Motoyasu’s teleportation to make use of Cal Mira’s healing onsen.” (Naofumi)
“The heroes all seem to have an overly convenient warping ability. Please make use of it to recuperate yourselves.” (Queen)

Before Motoyasu left for Faubley, I ordered him to take Ren…

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