Chapter 257: Revelation

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Chapter 257: Revelation

“Now then, where was I again?” (Naofumi)

We somhow finished lunch, so I returned to my training.
I’ll have to think of another punishment for Kiel.
Ren left with a group to go peddle.
It seems that he’s working diligently, and Female Knight is with him, so it should be fine.

Female Knight never got brainwashed during the incident.
However, she became greatly troubled over the nature of Justice due to it.
She sure likes to beat herself up.
But I’ll deal with that problem at another time.

Right now, I’m training for battle.

By sucking in Chi from the outside, I can hasten my SP and Mana recovery.
That’s efficient in itself. I can see it having a lot of uses.
However, it’s disappointing that I can’t use the convenient skill known as Mussou Kassei.

“Fumu…” (Naofumi)
“Master, what’s wrong?” (Firo)
“Well, I’m thinking of how…

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