Chapter 262: Lab Visit

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Chapter 262: Lab Visit

Noon, that day.
I head to Rat’s lab to see her progress.
Atlas and Sadina went with Fohl to raise their levels.
I have no idea why Sadina’s joining. Are they going to be training in the sea?

“So this is the equipment you procured from that facility you found while we were fighting in the Castle Town?” (Raphtalia)

I managed to obtain various magic tools and machines, as well as many large test tubes.
Rat, Taniko, the village’s more intelligent slaves, and researchers from the castle are in the middle of setting them up.

“Yeah. In order to overcome the wave, we have to make use of whatever we can get.” (Naofumi)

Raphtalia absentmindedly pokes an empty test tube.
The Granny is currently giving basic training to everyone in the village who wants to fight.
She’s looking for people to…

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