Chapter 264: Familiar

So apparently there’s bad weather for all of us. School is cancelled for Yoraikun and here we have a cyclone approaching. (It won’t hit us where I live but we do have lots of stormy weather and possible powerouts to look forward to)
“Where to next?” (Raphtalia)
“That’s right. Let’s go to Firo’s room.” (Naofumi)
I’ve given a room to Firo for the time being.
It’s a room in my house.
I originally thought a Filorial barn was fine as well, but since it’s what Firo had wanted, it couldn’t be helped.
Kids want their own room, right. It’s probably similar to that.
She’s never stayed in it though.
It’s locked for now, but it’s a good time to check to see if anything happened.
We went into my house, and I opened the door to Firo’s room.
“This is…” (Naofumi)
Children’s toys and shiny objects were scattered all over the place; it looked just like a little kid’s room.
Except there was a nest made out of straw.
Has she used it? There weren’t many traces of it.
“There might be some eggs lying around.” (Naofumi)
“Firo lays eggs?” (Raphtalia)
“Ahh… maybe with Motoyasu… no, there could be eggs made with Melty.” (Naofumi)
“Melty’s a girl!” (Raphtalia) [T/N: But birds lay unfertilized eggs anyway, right?]
Raphtalia made a sharp retort. [T/N: Cue Raphtalia’s straight man act]
Raphtalia might not know, but Firo and Melty do have that kind of relationship.
I was the cause of that though.
There’s no match for that whole affair.
Though the person herself might claim differently. [T/N: “Master would be better~” (Firo)]
“I don’t know, some might even be Naofumi-sama’s.” (Raphtalia)
“As if that’s possible!” (Naofumi)
Really, Raphtalia, what are you thinking?
Such things as Firo being my partner, save the sleeptalk for when you’re asleep.
….I was assaulted just a while ago though.
Now then, I investigate to see what’s in this messy room but….
Somehow precious-looking ores and ornaments were carelessly left around.
Just where did they come from?
Also, what’s with these bones inside the nest. Leftovers?
If I think about it, Firo has two sides.
The airheaded, pure part and the beastly side. The beast is probably her true nature.
Well I’ve warned her before and there aren’t any pellets so it’s fine but……
This bone… looks like a dragon’s.
Are these spoils of war from when I let Firo go wild and had her raise her Lv?
“She’d probably get mad if we take them away, huh?” (Naofumi)
“I think she’ll be angry for looking around arbitrarily.” (Raphtalia)
“That’s true…” (Naofumi)
““Pii!”” (Chicks)
Filorial chicks come out from inside my armor and start examining the room.
“What is that?!” (Raphtalia)
“Well, I somehow received some chicks from Firo, but just where are they coming from?” (Naofumi)
They’re not there when I take my off armor and they don’t appear when I take off my clothes either.
They come out from the gaps in my armor at times.
What are these Filorial chicks?
“Naofumi-sama, could they possibly be… parasitic?” (Raphtalia)
“What!” (Naofumi)
These two chicks, it can’t be, they are parasitizing me?
Don’t joke around!
“”Pii!”” (Chicks)
The two baby chicks rummage around the nest and retrieve something.
They come back with a gem a little bigger than my fist.
“What a pretty gem. It’s light-pink.” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah… What is this?” (Naofumi)
“Who knows?” (Raphtalia)
I try to identify it with Judgement. [T/N: An appraisal ability. Chapter 12, Equipment Bonus from Blue Egg Shield.]
Firo’s …Magic Stone?
““Pii!”” (Chicks)
The two chicks jump onto the magic stone in my hand.
“What happens when I hold it?” (Naofumi)
““Pii!”” (Chicks)
“Won’t it be dangerous if Firo finds out?” (Naofumi)
““Pii!”” (Chicks)
The two chicks shake their heads.
Or rather, what the hell are you guys?
While I was wondering about this, the magic stone in my hand melts and then evaporates.
“Uwa!” (Naofumi)
A cloud of smoke billows up, and some kind of vapor flies towards me.
Ah Crap! Let’s escape!
Immediately after I thought that, the smoke wraps around me… and dispels.
“Wha, what was that?” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-sama, are you all right?” (Raphtalia)
“I don’t feel any particular abnormalities…” (Naofumi)
Just in case, I check my Status.
I would be troubled if I got some Status Abnormality without realizing.
Somehow I feel like my magic power has increased. Actually… what’s going on?
I feel like something has been applied on top of Gaelion’s divine protection.
Also, I feel like I can sense Firo’s whereabouts.
I think, she’s running this way.
Seriously, what’s going on here?
““Pii!”” (Chicks)
“You guysー!” (Naofumi)
As I think that, the two chicks’ monster crests begin to change.
The shield is shining.
Skill <Filorial: Familiar> acquired.
Skill <Filorial: Mode-Change> acquired.
It’s like those familiars from games, right…?
What’s up with that?
But, if I worry too much it’ll be dangerous.
Firo will be back very soon!
“Raphtalia. Hurry, we’re leaving the room! Firo has returned!” (Naofumi)
“Eh? Um, okay!” (Raphtalia)
We leave the room in a hurry.
Immediately after that.
“I’m back~!” (Firo)
Firo comes through the front door in high spirits.
“Welcome back.” (Naofumi)
“Y, you seem to have known she returned, huh.” (Raphtalia)
“Somehow, yeah.” (Naofumi)
I wonder what that is?
I can sense Firo’s whereabouts without checking for things like Ki.
Speaking of which, what are Filorial: Familiar and Filorial: Mode Change?
“Ah, Master~. You see~ Fitoria’s skill is thanks for before, she says~” (Firo)
She saw through me!?
There’s no need to hide then, huh?
“You see~ apparently those children were entrusted and given to Master by Fitoria, but~ …They’re made of magic and will always protect Master~” (Firo)
“I see, so that’s why they appear all of a sudden.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah. She said they stayed quiet until they adapted to Master’s magic~” (Firo)
“Aren’t they parasites?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah~ um…huh? I can’t hear her voice anymore?” (Firo)
Firo fiddles with her ahoge and replies.
As I thought.
These two Filorial chicks really are parasites inside of me!
“If you dislike it, you can attach them to Firo, she says.” (Firo)
“Really..” (Naofumi)
“It’s now possible for Master’s magic power to be assigned to Firo, and that’s why Firo knows Master’s whereabouts.” (Firo)
“Ah, right” (Naofumi)
“…Weren’t you in Firo’s room just now?” (Firo)
Well, there’s no problem even if it’s exposed to Firo.
“I saw your room. Tidy thing up a little more.” (Naofumi)
“Boo~” (Firo)
“And, we found a cherry pink stone in your nest.” (Naofumi)
“There was such a thing~? Firo didn’t know at all~” (Firo)
“You didn’t know?” (Naofumi)
“Now that you mention it… Melty-chan also said she saw it the morning after we slept together.”(Firo)
“Right…” (Naofumi)
“I wonder if that’s the reason Melty-chan also has the kids given to Master lately?” (Firo)
So Melty also has parasites, huh.
She simply has a worrisome nature too.
Some people might say it’s my fault.
““Pii”” (Chicks)
In any case, I don’t like them so I’ll attach them to Firo.
I seize the two and push them against Firo, they suddenly become limp and enter Firo.
“Eh?” (Raphtalia)
Raphtalia stared in wonder.
Firo transforms into her human form and her wings shine.
An icon with Filorial: Mode Change pops into view.
…There seem to be a number of patterns.
Default, Power, Speed, Magic, there’s a variety.
For the time being, let’s try Power.
“Ah, I feel like some kind of power is coming forth.” (Firo)
“Hmmmm…” (Naofumi)
Ah, so this can tamper with Firo’s settings?
Let’s put it back to default. Setting off some weird rampage would be a pain.
When I do, the two chicks come out from Firo and come to me.
““Pii”” (Chicks)
The two chicks slipped inside my armor.
Damn! Get out!
They don’t come out when I take off my armor! And they’re not under my clothes either.
Jeez, these Filorials are an unnecessary thing stuck to me.
Speaking of which, did these guys just enable Firo to power up strangely?
It would have been better if I didn’t search Firo’s room.
I’ll give her some unreasonable order in retaliation.
“Firo, clean your room regularly, I looked inside unanounced but it’s filthy.” (Naofumi)
“Oka~y!” (Firo)
For some reason a happy Firo starts cleaning her room as per my instructions.
We don’t need the precious ores and such so she takes them to the warehouse; I feel as though she’s become a little more obedient.
“You know~ I feel like I’ve come to understand Master a little more~” (Firo)
“Is that so.” (Naofumi)
“I won’t lose to Onee-chan.” (Firo)
“What are you talking about!” (Raphtalia)
“Is Master going around to inspect the other kids’ rooms after this?” (Firo)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)
I plan to look around for the time being.
While the owners are away.
After that, we make our rounds of the villagers’ rooms, taking Firo along with us.
Next is the Loinclothed Dog… the investigation of Kiel’s room, but her diary is inside.
We read it but it’s just full of things such as what delicious foods she ate that day, her loincloths, and how to be manly.
….Why is there a Kennel in the room? This Loinclothed Dog!
Next is Taniko.
It’s a room full of research on monster ecology.
Each one of my monsters has their personality, size and likes carefully recorded in fine detail.
As usual, she’s really fond of monsters.
“I still think we’re doing something bad, but everyone has their own individuality.” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah.” (Firo)
“I guess so…” (Naofumi)
Next up is Atla and Fohl’s house.
In reality, it’s the house Atla has been using until recently.
…Checking the inside, it seems cleaning has been really thorough.
Well, Atla has been hanging around my place after all.
Since Fohl hasn’t been here it’s mostly been unused.
First is Fohl’s room.
It’s very crude, with just a bed and a desk. Well he only returned today so there wasn’t any reason to change it.
Atla’s room is full of stuffed toys and such, I was unaware she had them.
I’ve never seen Atla’s valuables before.
Actually, aren’t these Fohl’s personal belongings? Huh?
This seems more like Fohl’s room rather than Atla’s.
I feel like it’s fancier than when I saw it before.
Pink wallpaper covered the walls. There aren’t many traces of the bed being used.
Somehow… this room is cut off from all the other rooms I’ve seen.
How should I put it, it’s very feminine.
“It’s a lovely room. Is this the room Atla-chan sleeps in?” (Raphtalia)
“No? This room was probably never used until Fohl came back.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah. Atla always sleeps in the bed next to Master’s.” (Firo)
“…In my bed?” (Raphtalia)
“Now that you mention it, that’s right. She sleeps together with Sadina.” (Naofumi)
“So tonight I have to sleep in a bed that smell like Atlas and Sadina-neesan….” (Raphtalia)
Raphtalia frowns, looking troubled.
Well, that’s how it is.
Atla just wants to come to my room, and it seems she doesn’t really need her own room.
Let’s just call it Fohl’s dream room.
Then… Sadina’s room is not in the village.
The secret base is her home.
Next is Imia’s room.
The Lumo demi-humans took residence under the village.
They’ve built it so there won’t be any cave-ins.
I can’t force the door open because they aren’t made with the Camping plant, but it wasn’t locked.
Inside were clothing designs and manikins, and it showed that she was serious about dressmaking.
Oh? The sunglasses I made were decorating the room.
Her current ones were received later, made by the other Lumo slaves. They were improved and superior to mine so I encouraged them.
She’s a good girl for valuing things.
This is an importain point.
The other slaves’ rooms were similar.
However, there were many like Firo’s room, with cleaning done halfheartedly and leaving a mess.
I’ll inform everyone about my sudden checking and caution them during dinner.

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