Chapter 263: Surprise Inspection

Inlitify OA

I believe this is what you call filler.

Chapter 263: Surprise Inspection.

Now then, today I’ve decided to perform a surprise inspection on the slaves’ and heroes’ dwellings.
The reason being to make sure they didn’t bring back something strange again.

Even though we can absorb things into my weapon, taking them out is difficult, so personal property must be kept safe.
Magic water and Spirit water are unexpectedly easy to compound, and quite a few useful items come out from monster drops.
But other drops and materials need to be kept apart, or we won’t be able to find them when they are needed.
I warned Ren and Motoyasu not to rely too much on their weapon’s automatic compounding abilities, so they should have some materials lying around.

And, I don’t want them to be monopolizing rare items.
Things like those will be confiscated.
For this inspection, I’ll be…

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