Chapter 270: The Pig King

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Chapter 270: The Pig King

The next day.
Witch was successfully transported, and Motoyasu returns by portal. I’m made to watch the Guro movie of Witch being violated by Faubley’s Pig King.

Some of the king’s soldiers are here as well.
Apparently, they’re here to confirm that I watched the video.
Even I don’t want to watch it alone. I bring Ren, Motoyasu, and Itsuki along to do a private screening of it.

The soldiers caution me that it isn’t a pretty recording.
Well, Raphtalia and Rishia are watching as well.
Female Knight… would be dangerous to show it to, so I drove her away.

“Hero of the Shield-san, are you watching~?”

Uwah… It’s a fat, wrinkly, pig-like fatty.
I think he resembles something.
Ah, he looks like that monster that appeared in that famous movie about wars in space. (ED: Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars XD)
How old is…

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