Chapter 273: The Second Hero Conference [Middle]

I did a translation just because I couldn’t sleep. Enjoy.
The Second Hero Conference [Middle]
“Magic Enchant, right. Its effect is?” (Naofumi)
“It’s a magic sword. After casting, it endows magic that has been received, and I can slash at enemies while it improves the strength of my magic for a little while.” (Ren)
“There are some guys who can use something similar.” (Naofumi)
Sadina used a technique to pour magic into her harpoon.
I wonder if it’s different to that?
“It’s fine even if it’s not my own magic. Normally I can only improve my own magic for a short time.” (Ren)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
It’s quite convenient magic.
You can also aim for a counter after receiving the opponent’s magic.
“Its weakness is that you can only take up to Zweite. When I tried taking Dreifach as a test, it was impossible.” (Ren)
“Is that so. What about Motoyasu?” (Naofumi)
“I learned Zweite Absorb, Father-in-law.” (Motoyasu)
“Hm… its effects?” (Naofumi)
Well from its name, it seems like it would be able to absorb magic or something.
“It cancels Zweite-class magic and absorbs it. The problem is that I can’t move after casting it.” (Motoyasu)
It really is a problem for Motoyasu, who is good at fighting, to be unable to move.
So this magic can’t be cast in advance.
“It’s range is?” (Naofumi)
“From what I’ve experienced, it’s around 5 meters.” (Motoyasu)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
Here, different magic was learned.
But they are useful in terms of convenience.
So what is written on that inscription, based on the current pattern, is support-type magic.
It’s up to Zweite, but if I can use Revelation-level techniques then they should probably be able to use something superior as well.
Because they’ve got a wide range of use, they should also be able to use Dreifach if they tune it.
….I can only use Recovery and Support magic, but I wonder how it is with the others?
“What are your aptitudes in regards to magic?” (Naofumi)
“Speaking of which, we haven’t talked about that. Naofumi was Recovery and Support magic, right?” (Ren)
“That’s right.” (Naofumi)
“Mine is Water and Support magic. Well, there are some water spells that can heal, so I can’t say it’s unconditional.” (Ren)
Father-in-Law. I can use Fire and Recovery magic. Similarly, I can use Support magic with my Fire spells.” (Motoyasu)
“I have Wind and Earth magic. Likewise, I can use a bit of Recovery and Support magic.” (Itsuki)
Ren is Water and Support.
Motoyasu is Fire and Recovery.
Itsuki is Wind and Earth.
It’s divided splendidly.
But they’re able to use Recovery or Support Magic within their Systems.
“Our Recovery and Support magic don’t have as high an effect as Naofumi’s does.” (Ren)
“My Fire’s Recovery magic is better.” (Motoyasu)
“Well obviously.” (Naofumi)
Because Motoyasu can use Recovery magic.
Speaking of which….. I have no offensive abilities.
I’m sure the Magic Shop said so.
For some reason, when one casts magic, it is influenced by the caster’s disposition and that disposition can be seen even in simple Recovery Magic or something.
Motoyasu’s casting of Heal probably has some fire mixed in.
And when the caster doesn’t have the disposition for it, for example when Motoyasu casts Support Magic, it is noticeably weaker.
Come to think of it…. Recovery magic should have an attack-type….
I’m sure it was Fast Decay.
I tried casting it, but it failed.
According to the Magic Shop, it’s rare for someone to have no disposition for Offence like this.
But on the other hand, the magic Fast Grow Heal was a success.
Its effect is Fatigue Recovery.
Nevertheless, it has a weak effect on severe fatigue, and is rather pointless to cast on myself.
This is Recovery magic from the Support Category. Wounds also get healed somewhat.
“I guess the magic from the inscription is special.” (Naofumi)
Aura increases one’s full capacity.
Magic Enchant endows a weapon with magic, and even has the capability of using the opponent’s magic.
Absorb cancels out magic.
“What will Itsuki learn, I wonder.” (Naofumi)
“Yes.” (Itsuki)
“Itsuki-sama, do your best to go learn it, okay.” (Rishia)
“Yes.” (Itsuki)
Itsuki nodded many times.
Has he become a little better?
“Right, speaking of magic, do you guys know of the Dragon Pulse magic series?” (Naofumi)
There’s probably no reason to untactfully conceal it any more.
Ren looks like he’s reflected and no longer cares about coveting methods to become stronger.
There would be no point in this tug-of-war of arms if we lose the waves. [T/N: Arms as in weapons. The actual word used was 足 (lit. foot/leg) but my sleepy brain can’t think of the right word to use so arms will do for now]
“Is that the unique magic that Wyndia uses?” (Ren)
“It’s the magic that Dragons and some monsters use.” (Midori)
Midori supplemented.
Well, he is a Filorial like Firo.
They hate dragons, I wonder if he even understands the magic system those dragons use.
“I heard that Naofumi can use it. How is its use?” (Ren)
“Honestly, it’s a pain. However, I know how Ren feels when he casts supporting magic with Water magic.” (Naofumi)
I take power from the water in the pitcher and let them see it put into practice.
『I guide the power of this water and wish for its embodiment. Oh Dragon Pulse. Give me power』
“Aqua Seal” (Naofumi)
I cast water support magic on Ren.
“Uwa” (Ren)
Ren closed his eyes, blinking in surprise, and checked his status.
“Doesn’t magic have something similar?” (Naofumi)
“Yeah, it’s a spell to increase fire resistance called Fast Resist Fire.” (Ren)
Raising one hand, he cast magic on me the exact same way.
I see, indeed it’s similar.
I can confirm my fire resistance increasing with my Status.
“So what’s the trouble with that Dragon Pulse method?” (Ren)
“The main thing is that you can’t use the Dragon Pulse method unless you do the calculations, unlike magic which you can cast as long as you can read the letters. The formula changes.” (Naofumi)
“I don’t really get it but it sounds difficult.” (Ren)
“You probably won’t understand until you’re able to use it. I’ll have you guys learn it eventually.” (Naofumi)
I suppose it’s better to ask Gaelion to also teach the others the Dragon Pulse method.
It’s needed for Revelation and magic comprehension so it’s better that they learn.
Or rather, I think so even now, but there’s no doubt it was necessary to strengthen to this level.
“I got it. It must be true if Naofumi says so.” (Ren)
“I don’t want Motoyasu-san to learn it. It’s magic that dragon’s use.” (Midori)
“Midori, it’s regrettable but since Father-in-Law is telling me to learn it, I have to learn.” (Motoyasu)
“Buu….” (Midori)
Midori glared at me intently.
Not that I care.
“I’ve just been sharing so far, but have you guys discovered anything?” (Naofumi)
For the time being, Ren brought information on his companion’s sword.
I wonder what Motoyasu and Itsuki have?
“Kuu and Marine and Midori’s pleasure point, the statistics of the pleasure points of all the Filorials is―” (Motoyasu)
“Motoyasu, shut up. Don’t talk any more.” (Naofumi)
“Motoyasu-san. Please stop. It’s embarrassing…” (Midori)
“Please wait, Father-in-Law. What did I say wrong?” (Motoyasu)
“I don’t want to know!” (Naofumi)
Does this guy only have Filorials on his mind?
Even Midori is getting embarrassed.
By the way, Firo likes it when I wash around the roots of her feathers. And also around her throat.
Firo’s number 1 subordinate, the cutesy kid, also likes being stroked around the throat. [T/N: The Purple Filorial, remember the one who was teaching all the others during the ‘Be loved by Master’ Workshop?]
“Let’s see…. then I’ll talk about what I saw when I went to Faubley. For some reason, there were Asphalt roads and cars.” (Motoyasu)
“By cars you mean those Cars?” (Naofumi) [T/N: Cars from their world/s]
“Yes. They were quite old, but there were other vehicles apart from carriages. This is something that differs a lot from games.” (Motoyasu)
Well, they do periodically summon heroes from different worlds, and it’s not like there’s no chance of some of those guys displaying their knowledge.
And Faubley is a country that embraces heroes the most.
I guess guys who possess that kind of knowledge appear a lot.
“Yes. They exist. It seems we can make them with alchemy from a different world.” (Rishia)
Rishia affirmed.
Alchemy from a different world, right.
Well, I have heard that the predecessor to science was alchemy.
In that case, calling it a different world’s alchemy may not necessarily be wrong.
“I haven’t seen any in Melromarc though….” (Naofumi)
“It’s no good if we don’t have paved roads, and supplying fuel is difficult so hasn’t really been implemented.” (Rishia)
“I see.” (Naofumi)
Because Heroes have a habit of keeping secrets after all.
It’s also very likely that the Heroes summoned in Faubley only use such convenient knowledge for themselves.
Which reminds me, the viewing crystals resemble a digital camera.
They might be a tool made by a past hero or their followers by combining modern knowledge with magic.
Come to think of it, do they use the parts that were in the carriage I requested?
Even I had the option of using that knowledge to attempt to improve my sales.
Well with the shield’s capabilities, using items or the slaves and monsters was more cost-effective so I didn’t, although I couldn’t really do it anyway because I don’t have the technical knowledge.
The fuel supply and such is also troublesome.
Would it be better use coal to move?
Or else use magic to move…. in that case, it’s probable.
Frankly, it’s a world that might even have aircrafts, so I shouldn’t worry so much.
I should try consulting with Imia’s Uncle or someone.
“Itsuki, what about you?” (Naofumi)
“Here.” (Itsuki)
Itsuki held out something that looked like a card.
“What’s this?” (Naofumi)
“The Dark Guild’s Membership card. As long as you have this, you can procure information from the Dark Guild.” (Itsuki) [T/N: Come join the Dark Side, we have Kookie(s) XD]

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