Chapter 275: Revival Festival

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Chapter 275: Revival Festival

A little while after the Heroes held their conference.
Recently, Ren’s curse’s effects have been lessening. His loss of luck, and his decrease in EXP has gone below levels where we have to worry about it.
The Status reduction from my curse is almost trivial as well.
There’s around one month left until the next wave…

Imya’s uncle was quite a skilled craftsman,and he’s been making weapons and armor for everyone.
As his disciple, Ren and his group are going around the country looking for materials.
Now, the villagers have become quite strong. The Granny also carries out training to increase their combat abilities as high as possible.
Isn’t it about time for me to go raise my level as well? I guess I should go on a quest to some monster infested dungeon or something.
As I was thinking that…

“Revival Festival?” (Naofumi)

Melty came…

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 275: Revival Festival

  1. kookiedreamer,

    I’m new to using wordpress. Besides unfollowing your blog which I would like to avoid if possible, do you know of a way for me to hide reblogs on my reader?

    Honestly, no offense meant. I’m not suggesting or implying that you should stop reblogging if that’s your thing. I just prefer having an index that isn’t cluttered or bloated by redundancies so I can see what’s new at a glance without having to scroll.


      1. kookiedreamer,

        Earlier, I googled for a while before giving it up as possibly a lost cause. (Maybe I just didn’t think of the optimal key words for searching. I might try again some other time.)

        Apparently, when the reblog feature was introduced 4 or 5 years ago, there were bloggers who lobbied against it due to its spammy and copyright-infringing nature. In the end, they felt they were treated like idiots and their assertions were basically ignored by the wordpress PR.

        Oh, well. Thanks, anyway. ^^


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