Chapter 277: The New Seven Sins

Inlitify OA

This chapter… was 3000 words. Oh, also, I was held up by FRC districts. sorry for the late release… zzzzzzz

Chapter 277: The New Seven Sins.

To celebrate the end of the Revival Festival, we raised a large bonfire in the plaza.
If a certain famous Japanese composition were playing in the background, it would be similar to a festival I knew of, but what’s playing is Firo and her accompanying band.
When I head to my village to take a break, I see they’re lively with some event over there as well.
It’s already late, so it seems my villagers have already returned.
The Slaves, monsters and Filo Rials are gathering for some reason.

“Now it’s time to announce the results of the fifth popularity poll.”

… What are they doing?
I get Raphtalia to cast invisibility magic on me, and I sneak closer.

“First, we asked the…

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