Chapter 278: Gene Modification

I’m definitely bored, to be doing so much translating.
Gene Modification
A/N: The survey result: I’ve decided to look at the extra material.
Day 1.
Slowly getting up, check my surroundings. [T/N: Naofumi changed the way he refers to himself. 俺 ⇒ ワシ (Btw, idk if it’s important, but it’s the same way Trash addresses himself)]
And then I was subjected to a feeling of ecstasy, more so than before.
I wonder why I didn’t think of this until now?It would be fine to just solve everything with the shield’s power, without using money.
I check the shield that transformed just now.
…It’s already awakened from the start, and I can’t enhance it at all.
However, there should be a surplus of abilities as a rule. [T/N: It’s too much of a surplus though….]
Shield of the New Seven Sins (Awakened) 0/0 UR
Ability Sealed…… Equipment bonus, Gene Modification, Human Experimentation, Social Injustice = Slave Labor Ability Increase, Curse of Poverty, Prosperity of Excess Corruption, Narcotic Compounding, Taboo Alchemy Technique, Forbidden Sorcery, Study of Sealing, Food of Sealing, Sleep Mechanical Engineering, Core of Magical Science……
Special Effects….. Bio-Custom, Logic of Life, Dragon Pulse Control, Magic Up, Emergency Convening, Alchemic Correction, Harvesting Limit Breakthrough, Rapid Growth Supplement, Pharmacy Skill Increase, Alchemy Skill Increase, Ore Creation, Magic Gem Production, MP Recovery (Extra Large), SP Recovery (Extra Large), EP Recovery (Extra Large), Cooking Skill Increase…..
[T/N: Fun fact~ Alchemic Correction can also be read as Ren-Money Correction ;)]
It’s really magnificent. And as for Item Creation, I have a full set of everything I need.
There’s a bit of a fatal flaw in regards to Defence, but it doesn’t seem like I’ll need anything else as long as I have this shield.
If I try to inspect everything, the sky will darken. [T/N: Will take too long cos there’s so many abilities….so OP >_>”]
My head has cleared, just by changing into this shield.
Now then, let’s reaffirm the conclusion I’ve come to.
What I have concluded after having my intelligence increased by the shield’s power.
That is, in order to survive, I first need to prepare the environment before the world is ruined by the waves.
Unlike the petty methods so far, there’s a need to change the environment on a grand scale.
Therefore, I should eradicate the majority of the people living in this world for once.
I should instigate them immediately – the masses who are easy to manipulate, the religion that manipulates those masses, and the royalty who control the country.
The people of this world are rotting.
First I should choose the survivors, exterminate the others and settle my anxiety about the future, then challenge the waves and save the world.
Otherwise this world will eventually perish on its own, without the waves.
I must guide them.
“Now then, I need to use this shield’s maximum power to prepare the environment at once.” (Naofumi)
I exit the room and head towards the village.
That’s right. I have Bioplant Seeds in my pocket.
I deliberately take out a Bioplant Seed and call on the Plant Modification icon.
With a *beep*, the modification icon appeared, and I smiled.
What the hell is this, it’s too obsolete.
No matter how I look at it, it’s obviously at the level of a toy made by a child.
Manual operation that only raises and lowers the established stats, it’s too ridiculous.
I activate the Gene Modification skill concurrently.
When I do, minor static occurs in the Plant Modification screen, and a new entry….the Free Word entry appeared.
What should I make?
Hmm… first I need a castle, to be used as a base.
I enter the word ‘castle’.
A list of the equipment and materials required for the modification appears.
….It seems I’ll be able to cater with a large quantity of things from Rato’s laboratory.
Let’s immediately confiscate the things in Rato’s laboratory.
I headed towards the village at a quick pace.
“Ah, it’s Master~ Welcome back.” (Firo)
“Oh, if it isn’t Firo. What’s up?” (Naofumi)
Firo, who is one of the monsters that submissively obeys me, comes to greet me together with the slaves.
I have faith in these guys to some extent.
They’re my retainers and will be good to spare when I transform the world.
“You see~ we’re hungry so we’ve been waiting for Master to return~” (Firo)
“Sorry, Firo. Now is not the time.” (Naofumi)
“Aw…everyone has been looking forward to it.” (Firo)
“Is that so.” (Naofumi)
But time is limited.
I have to quickly head to the laboratory and procure the equipment.
….That’s right.
I call up the Gene Modification skill again to modify the Bioplant.
I enter ‘Bread-producing Plant’ in the Free Word entry.
I have both the required materials and the skill on hand.
I held out a Bioplant Seed and activated the skill.
“Master?” (Firo)
“Shield-niichan?” (Kiel)
The slaves all tilt their heads and watch my experiment intently.
The Bioplant shone, scattering the wind together with the light, and changing into the shape I imagined.
There was a flash of light, the wind was dispelled, and my intended Bioplant was complete. [T/N: Dear author, you just repeated the same thing twice. I think this sentence was unnecessary.]
“Watch.” (Naofumi)
I dropped the completed Bread-producing Bioplant into the ground.
The Bioplant made a conspicuous sound and grew rapidly, producing large pieces of bread.
“””Oooh!””” (Slaves)
Firo and the slaves let our their voices en masse, looking dumbfounded.
I’m a little shocked that they’re surprised about something on this level, but they seem delighted so it doesn’t feel bad.
“Can we eat this?” (Firo)
“Of course.” (Naofumi)
“””Ya~y!””” (Slaves)
Firo and the slaves each picked up a piece of bread and started eating.
“Delicious~” (Kiel)
“It doesn’t have as much flavour as Master’s cooking but it’s yummy~” (Firo)
It seems everyone is satisfied.
Then let’s head to the next destination.
“Nii-chan! Can’t you make a Crepe Tree?” (Kiel)
Kiel asked, tugging on my shirt.
This guy used to be a fellow of humble birth who clashed with me at first, but has turned over a new leaf and now serves me.
She’s a friend of Raphtalia’s, and is now quite a reliable guy.
I need to hurry up and go procure the goods in Rato’s laboratory now, but I guess I could make something on that level as a reward for her efforts so far.
“I’ll do it later.” (Naofumi)
“You definitely have to, okay.” (Kiel)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)
When I nodded, Kiel started eating together with Firo and the others, indulging in her piece of bread.
I enter Rato’s laboratory and touch the slate established as the laboratory’s kernel. [T/N: Kernel = the most basic level or core of an operating system, responsible for resource allocation, file management, and security. -Google]
Hmmm…. As far as it goes, the security is flawless, possibly because it was made together with me.
The experimental Bioplant’s defence mechanism functioned with no incidents.
I suppose it won’t allow a stupid situation like getting hacked.
However….the security is childish. If I was serious, I could break through in less than 10 seconds.
Access to the Kernel Seed….it’s formed with quite a childish frame.
I ought to modify it more extensively, it will be tough to handle it from the beginning.
I use the Gene Modification skill, make good use of the items in the laboratory, and attempt to upgrade the Kernel Seed.
It’ll be around 30 minutes to completion.
Then I’ll need to recruit a reliable accomplice while waiting for it to finish.
“Oh? Marquis?” (Rato)
While I was tampering with the Kernel Seed, Rato nonchalantly entered the room.
“What’s the matter? There aren’t any experiments, and the equipment I requested hasn’t arrived so there’s nothing to do.” (Rato)
Right now, it would be a bother if I carelessly tampered with this woman.
“Yeah, I’m swinging by to engage in a sudden check up.” (Naofumi)
“….to engage in?” (Rato) [T/N: Questioning Naofumi’s weird speech]
“To do.” (Naofumi)
“I see.” (Rato)
That was close. Rato looked at me with doubtful eyes.
If I say something carelessly, I’ll waste too much time.
Let’s proceed as carefully as possible.
“Marquis, the next machine we need is a Chemical Amplifier―” (Rato)
Fu… when I look at such childishness, I can’t stop laughing.
I wonder how much time was spent on the vulgar experiment she did recently.
“Marquis, what are you laughing at?” (Rato)
“No, I’m just thinking that you’re talking so happily.” (Naofumi)
“I guess. Given that I’ve finally gotten to research properly, I’ve got to show my enthusiasm.” (Rato)
Outside the room, Rato’s beloved monster was swimming in a cultivation chamber and it waved its hand this way.
Suddenly our gazes meet.
“!” (Monster)
With a banging, the Monster hit the cultivation chamber and pointing at me, it alerted Rato.
“What’s wrong?” (Rato)
Hn? Did it notice my Hacking?
Should I modify that monster’s mouth shut?
And, while I was pondering, it lost interest and began swimming again.
“I wonder what that was about? Mii-kun.” (Rato)
Rato’s partner waves at me from within the cultivation chamber.
Well, it’s fine. If it doesn’t plan on doing anything unnecessary, I won’t do anything to it.
I don’t know if this woman agrees with my thinking but it’s sufficient to deal with it after I finish upgrading the Kernel Seed.
“So, Marquis. Did you discover any problems?” (Rato)
“Research seems a little delayed. You should be quicker.” (Naofumi)
“Obviously it wouldn’t be good if I don’t ensure its safety.” (Rato)
“Limit the duration. You should bring forth definitive results while it’s safe.” (Naofumi)
“Marquis, did something bad happen? You seem to be in a bad mood.” (Rato)
Rato looked at me suspiciously.
At this rate, it seems my expected results won’t be produced by the fixed date.
I expected to treat her like an assistant but…. I wonder how it’ll turn out.
“We’ve decided to prioritize life, right? Doing something dangerous and killing it will only cause regret.” (Rato)
“I see, you have a point.” (Naofumi)
It’s useless to continue talking any more.
Her type probably needs to be shown results.
She’ll probably want to be my assistant after she sees the masterpiece I’ve made of modifying the Kernel Seed.
“Now then, I have somewhere I need to go after this.” (Naofumi)
“Marquis? Well, it’s not like this is the first time the Marquis’ behaviour has been erratic….” (Rato)
I produced a strong security system and left Rato’s laboratory behind.
“Ah, Naofumi-sama, I heard about it. Apparently you made another strange thing with the Bioplants.” (Raphtalia)
“Oh, well if it isn’t Raphtalia.” (Naofumi)
When I left the laboratory and headed into the village, the person I was looking for, Raphtalia, noticed me and started talking.
Until I found Raphtalia, I had been reinspecting the village.
Currently, there are no problems with the goods.
When I made an appearance at the Monster Hut, the monsters all swarmed around me.
They seemed to sense it instinctively. That they’ll become stronger if they follow me.
I can’t understand why we stopped rearing the monsters halfway.
Well, it’s not like there aren’t any that we can count on somewhat for combat, now that Gaelion has been aiding the Class Up, but their foundation is too low.
They’re all monsters that have already hit their limit, but only in regards to Levels and, to a certain extent, growth correction.
“Just then, Kiel-kun and Firo were boasting that Naofumi made it in front of them.” (Raphtalia)
“Hm, isn’t that natural. That level of things is no trouble at all.” (Naofumi)
“….? Th-that’s amazing. So Naofumi-sama’s shield was capable of that sort of thing.” (Raphtalia)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)
Since it was just about midday, everyone had gathered in the Dining Hall.
They noticed us, and came to greet us.
“Now then, Raphtalia.” (Naofumi)
I think it’s better to be frank with Raphtalia before I announce my intentions.
“I’ve discovered a conclusion to certain thoughts and have decided to change my actions from now on.” (Naofumi)
“…I? Um, what are you talking about?” (Raphtalia) [T/N: She’s talking about Naofumi’s new way of addressing himself]
I thought Raphtalia would understand and that there would be no need to explain, but it seems to be necessary to tell her personally.
“You see, the royalty of this world, the nobles, merchants, all the masses, they were all rotten from the start. And it’s evident that even if they endure the waves, they’ll still perish in the end.” (Naofumi)
“Well… I won’t deny that.” (Raphtalia)
“And so I’ve come to the conclusion that we must first to clean up the rotten trash, and then challenge the waves with only the chosen people.” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-sama?” (Raphtalia)
I held out my hand towards Raphtalia and declared.
“Raphtalia. The world is now controlled by my hands, and I shall share half of it with you. Now, won’t you rule the world together with me!” (Naofumi) [T/N: That proposal XD]
“……” (Raphtalia)
Raphtalia drew the sword on her back and took a stance, facing me of all things.
“Who are you! You’re not Naofumi-sama!” (Raphtalia)

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