Chapter 279: Floating Sky Fortress

Inlitify OA

Translator Note, Naofumi is using older forms of Japanese here. If I were to compare it to something, I’d say he’s speaking like Gilgamesh.


Chapter 279: Floating Sky Fortress


What was that!?
Why is Raphtalia glaring at me with such hostility!?

“What art thou saying, Raphtalia!?” (Naofumi)
“Even though the Naofumi-sama I knew was a bit twisted, he would never do something like this!” (Raphtalia)
“I’m always evolving. Mine values hath merely shifted!” (Naofumi)
“Even so, there’s a limit to that. Who are you?” (Raphtalia)

Ku… Why doth she be opposing me?

“Ah, Naofumi-sama. Did something happen?” (Atlas)

Atlas appears with Fohl.

“Atlas-chan, Naofumi-sama’s acting strange. Can you sense anything? No, he may even be a fake.” (Raphtalia)

Raphtalia holds back her anger as she asks Atlas.
What be there to doubt? What’s strange about me?
The strange one…

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