Chapter 280: Human Experimentation

Inlitify OA

The longest chapter (Word-wise) I’ve translated thus far.

Chapter 280: Human Experimentation

“Ara-?” (Sadina)

The place I specified the fortress to move to was Sadina’s Secret Base.
Below, I see Sadina waving her hand at me.

“Hmm? Master, we’re getting off already?” (Firo)
“Yeah, the fuel efficiency of Flying Castle Mode is really bad, so we can’t fly for long periods of time.” (Naofumi)

I change it back to Laboritory mode. The Castle Plant extends its roots deep underground and begins recharging.
I still have much that I have to do.
I’ll need to gather as much energy as I can.

“What’s up, Naofumi-chan? You made quite a grand entrance.” (Sadina)
“Fumu, I believe that you were Raphtalia’s guardian, right?” (Naofumi)
“No, right now that’s Naofumi-chan.” (Sadina)
“She was a fake. She trampled upon my ideals.” (Naofumi)

I explain the events that had just transpired to Sadina.
And Sadina blinks rapidly…

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