Chapter 281:Life Ethics

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Chapter 281: Life Ethics

Now then, on to the next task.
At the moment, the Slaves and Monsters are charging their magic through the Castle Plant.
I’ll use that magic to create a magic amplification device to create even greater magic, and use it to expand my base.

“Good. Until the expansion is finished, I can devote myself to my own goals.” (Naofumi)

I step foot into the center of the Lab, the area Rat used for her own research.

“You all should get to work as well. If you need food, then go to the residential area. I have some prepared.” (Naofumi)
“I want to stay near Naofumi-sama.” (Atlas)
“Firo will… Go for a walk.” (Firo)
“Atlas, let’s get out of here already.” (Fohl)
“No way, Onii-sama.” (Atlas)
“I’ll go patrol the outside.” (Sadina)

Atlas will stay beside me, and Fohl will follow her.
Firo will inspect the laboratory’s…

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