Chapter 282: Bio Custom

Inlitify OA

Chapter 282: Bio Custom

“W-what exactly is this…”

The Raph race specimen continues repeating this line. The fake is dumbfound.
Hmph! This is the special function I installed into the Raph race.
A psychological ploy against the fake.
By the way, I haven’t gotten around to teaching it any other words yet.

“… Is this supposed to be some form of harassment?” (Raphtalia)
“Who knows? It seems that he was trying to revive Raphtalia-chan when he made this child.” (Sadina)
“How…?” (Raphtalia)
“With a strand of your hair.” (Sadina)
“Naofumi-sama—–!” (Raphtalia)

With a face that seems like it would burst into tears at any second, the fake cries out.
Fufufu, the mental attack was super effective.

“And this is a message from Naofumi-chan.” (Sadina)

Sadina takes out the video crystal, and presents it to the fakes.

“It’s been a few hours, fake, and traitors. Good job getting the…

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