Chapter 283: Pros and Cons

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Chapter 283: Pros and Cons

Now then, on to the next one…
As I was considering my next action, Kiel started poking me.

“What?” (Naofumi)
“Umm, Niichan, could you make me stronger as well?” (Kiel)
“Hmm? Well, if you wish for it, I’ll do it. IF there are any other volunteers, I’ll do it for as long as they want.” (Naofumi)

I need to concentrate my attention on defending the second tower.
Reinforcing my forces is urgent.
If Kiel wants to become stronger, then granting it unto her is a simple task.

“Then do me next! I’ll fight to pay it off!” (Kiel)
“… Kiel-chan, this Onee-san doesn’t think you should rely on Naofumi-chan’s power too much.” (Sadina)
“It’s okay, Sadina-oneechan. I just want to become stronger.” (Kiel)
“The current Naofumi-chan is a tad bit different from the one you know, so I think you should think it over a bit…

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