Chapter 285: The Second Generation

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Chapter 285: The Second Generation

“Let’s start a strategy meeting!”

Kiel returned with a despondent look on her face. Before I could order anything, she gathered up all of my forces, and announced a meeting.

“This time, even after Niichan went to the trouble of modifying me, I wasn’t of any use at all.” (Kiel)
“Kiel-kun tried her hardest. Her new form was also amazing.” (Midori)

Midori turns to Kiel, and throws some honest praise at her.
Even though he can be toxic, he’s also relatively sociable, it seems.

“I think if Kiel-kun wasn’t there, then Motoyasu-san would have still been exchanging blows with the Hero of the Sword.”
“That’s right.” (Motoyasu)

Oh? Motoyasu can communicate with Kiel when she’s Kielberus?
That’s actually a bit surprising.
I thought Melty was the only woman whose words would get through to him.

“Motoyasu, what does Kiel look like to you?” (Naofumi)

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