Chapter 286: War Reversal

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Chapter 286: War Reversal

The third day.

I grant the modifications to the slaves that wish for it, but…
To complete the modifications, a large amount of energy is required. By the time the Third Tower’s boost runs out, I could only finish a couple of slaves and monsters.
The amount of boats on the Faker’s side increased by a bit.

“I won’t let you get in the way of the God of the Shield-sama’s plans!”

The Third Tower Defense front is a maelstrom of discord.
It’s an all-out war.
However… for some reason, they are able to make use of all of my new modified slaves’ weaknesses, and we face a stream of defeats.

“As God-sama ordered, we have to run!”

Taking into account what happened in the second tower, I made secret escape passages to prevent…

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