Chapter 288: Damage Restitution

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Chapter 288: Damage Restitution

Uu.. what is this?
I’m in pain. It feels like I’ve been forced to watch a strange nightmare over and over again. My head is spinning.


Raphtalia’s voice returns consciousness to my body, and my eyes open, signaling the end of the dream.
Before my eyes is Raphtalia, who’s carrying me with a worried expression on her face.

“This is…?” (Naofumi)

I look around and find Ren, Itsuki, Rishia, and various others gazing in our direction. We’re in front of what appears to be ruins, near the ocean.
I think I was supposed to be in Melty’s manor…

“Raphtalia, where exactly are we? Why have I collapsed… I think I unlocked a curse…” (Naofumi)
“It’s Naofumi-sama! Right now, the one who’s here is definitely Naofumi-sama!”
“Hah? What do you mean?” (Naofumi)

I pick myself up, and I examine my surroundings once more.
The roar of…

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