Chapter 290: Crepe Tree

Crepe Tree
“Next is Kiel, huh.” (Naofumi)
“Nii-chan. I want to quickly go to that tree’s side so please hurry up.” (Kiel)
What’s with that attitude.
Do you even realise that you’re being scolded right now?
Well, I’m also a perpetrator so I can’t speak so harshly, but I do feel a little irritation.
By the way, that tree Kiel was referring to is a seed she planted in the corner of the village and raised into a tree.
That seed grew very quickly, and was bearing fruit or something.
I haven’t looked around much because it was still early morning, but I had noticed a sweet smell.
Or rather, there was a tree that was producing bread in the middle of the village.
What’s with that. Stay within the limits of fantasy, what happens if someone gets sick from eating that! But when I complained in astonishment, I was told that it was something I made when I was crazy.
Ah Jeez….
Kiel probably had me make something for her as well.
“Then should I chop down that tree as punishment?” (Naofumi)
“Nii-chan! Even if it’s Nii-chan, I’ll never forgive you!” (Kiel)
“It’ll grow back anyway.” (Naofumi)
“Nii-chan told me it can’t regrow.” (Kiel)
“The Bread Tree appears to have reproduction capabilities though?” (Naofumi)
Kiel transformed into her Kielberus form and growled.
Well, she’s tied up so she can’t move, and my slave crest should keep her quiet.
Hmm…… all the same, I can’t bear to do something she’d hate so much.
Assigning a punishment that goes beyond reflection is just abuse.
“Well then, Kiel.” (Naofumi)
“What, Nii-chan?” (Kiel)
“Take the form of an ordinary girl from now on. Loincloths are prohibited. And you must wear the clothes that Imia provides.” (Naofumi)
“Eeehhhh!?” (Kiel)
Kiel raised a fuss with all her strength, seeming very reluctant.
This much shouldn’t be considered abuse.
“And go peddling like that. Your assignment is to gather as many fans as Firo has, and you’re to remain as a girl until you do.” (Naofumi)
“I-I get it, Nii-chan.” (Kiel)
“Is this much fine?” (Naofumi)
“I think that’s a little soft.” (Raphtalia)
Is that so?
I intended to provoke her with this quite unreasonable demand to reach Firo’s scale though.
Honestly, the degree of difficulty is higher when compared to Firo and Atla.
However, Kiel’s peddling records are good.
If I send her out, she might be able to achieve it.
“But that’s how Naofumi-sama is.” (Raphtalia)
It seems like I’ll be self-destructing if I butt-in awkwardly so I’ll just agree.
In reality, I feel reluctant to scold them harshly while having faults of my own.
Of course, I wouldn’t feel anything if it were a complete stranger but even if they’re bad, I won’t be so heartless as to go so far with my subordinates.
Yeah, I’d feel ashamed.
“God of the Shield-sama, what’s the matter?” (Slave)
“!” (Naofumi)
It’s this.
The slaves who were originally undergoing medical treatment in the laboratory, every one of them call me God.
Because of this, the damage to my heart every time they say it….
“Hey, please call me the Hero of the Shield if you can. Or, you can call me Shield-niichan like the other guys.” (Naofumi)
“What are you saying. The great God of the Shield-sama, we cannot do such an awe-inspiring thing.” (Slave)
Ugh…a refreshing smile pierces me.
To be called a God like this is painful.
“Next up is for Naofumi-sama to punish himself…. that’s it, isn’t it?” (Raphtalia)
“Maybe.” (Naofumi)
….That’s right.
I don’t have any memory of it but I’m aware that I caused quite a disturbance.
“I’ll restrain myself from more of my miserly actions. I don’t want to have to do much self-torturing though.” (Naofumi)
“You do have a point. Sorry. Naofumi-sama has the task of fighting the waves so let’s not do too much. I will inform everyone.” (Raphtalia)
“Thanks.” (Naofumi)
I feel like it’s not really fair that I’m the only one not punished, but the only ones I punished for following the crazy me are Atla, Firo and Kiel so…. it’s fine.
“However..” (Naofumi)
I surveyed the village.
It’s become rather big thanks to the population and monsters increasing on a large scale.
It’s already on its way to becoming a town.
“It’s been developing, hasn’t it.” (Naofumi)
“Yeah…” (Raphtalia)
The slaves recuperating in the laboratory were also able to recover so in the end… it was all good, or so I justify and console myself.
“Alright! Let’s go raise our levels today as well and prepare for the waves.” (Naofumi)
“Okay.” (Raphtalia)
Well… Firo is on a date with Motoyasu so I needed another monster to be our transport but when I request it, Firo’s number one subordinate comes forward, pushing away the modified Raph species and Filorials.
I want to decline if I can, but somehow I’m in an awkward situation and there’s unspoken pressure compelling me to bring her.
It’s not like she did anything bad in particular.
Just that… I wonder what it is. The way she looks at me bothers me.
“Hey Raphtalia.” (Naofumi)
“What is it?” (Raphtalia)
“Kue.” (Piyo)
I point to Firo’s number one subordinate who was resting at a distance and ask Raphtalia.
“That guy’s acting rather weird but do you know anything about it?” (Naofumi)
“Let’s see…. all of the Filorials in the village went to follow Naofumi-sama, so…” (Raphtalia)
“Is that so?” (Naofumi)
“Yes. In the beginning, they accompanied us but after that child was abducted…. somehow she became strange after that.” (Raphtalia)
“Kue….” (Piyo)
Don’t look at me with such passionate eyes.
It’s a vivid reminder of Firo when she was in heat, so it’s somewhat unpleasant.
“Did she fight?” (Naofumi)
“Yes…she was caught at the seventh tower.” (Raphtalia)
“I see…” (Naofumi)
Is she in heat?
“Kuee.” (Piyo)
Firo’s number one subordinate who defeated the monsters approached with her head lowered as if wanting to be praised.
You speak, don’t you.
“Yes yes, alright.” (Naofumi)
I stroked her appropriately, but for some reason she endeavoured to have me stroke the base of her throat.
Huh? Didn’t this guy used to know when to quit?
Somehow she’s changed a little.
“Kueeee….” (Piyo)
She looks like she’s in an extremely good mood.
Well, it’s fine to stroke her since it doesn’t feel bad, but this guy is that cutesy kid so I don’t really like it.
And when I find a good time to part, she cries out very reluctantly.
What’s with that.
That mystery was established at noon the next day.
When Firo told us drowsily, having finished her one-day date.
“Hey Firo.” (Naofumi)
“Huh~… wha~t?” (Firo)
“Subordinate Number One’s behaviour is weird. Isn’t she aiming for your position?” (Naofumi)
“What do you mean~?” (Firo)
I point to her number one subordinate who was staring at me from in hiding.
“Ah, Piyo-chan? It’s alright~ That was, you know~ just her madly in love with Master~” (Firo)
“…….” (Naofumi)
So that guy was called Piyo.
I had forgotten her real name. I feel like I’ve even been told before though.
Or rather, Hey.
“…..Wait, you’re saying something very omnious.” (Naofumi)
“That’s right. Why is that child madly in love?” (Raphtalia)
“You see~ it was after Firo became able to fly. Master, you see. You told me to go abduct Piyo-chan so I brought her, and then.. Master, Piyo-chan―” (Firo)
“Wh-what did he do?” (Raphtalia)
I also nodded to Raphtalia’s question.
I’m worried about what it means by that cutesy kid becoming so clingy.
“….Firo was very envious, when I said to do it to me as well, Master said ‘You’ve already pledged your allegiance to me so no, and I only did it because it’s effective on this guy'” (Firo)
“What did he do!” (Raphtalia)
I don’t understand Firo’s explanation!
It can’t be helped. It’s regrettable but let’s try asking Atla.
I head towards Atla’s place, who was irritated about Fohl being a hindrance.
“Ah, you! Why is it your side that’s coming!” (Fohl)
Fohl said in a displeased voice as I approached.
Yesterday was…. well, he was an unrefined body pillow.
I want to ask something unreasonable of Raphtalia and invite a Raph.
“Sorry. There’s something on my mind that I want to ask Atla about.” (Naofumi)
“Well, I wonder what it is. Naofumi-sama? If it’s now, I’ll do anything for you.” (Atla)
You’d do anything even if it wasn’t now, I don’t need you to tell me that.
That is to say, it was already broadcasted…
“So Firo’s subordinate, Piyo. What did I do to her?” (Naofumi)
“It was personal grooming.” (Atla)
“Personal grooming?” (Naofumi)
“Yes. That is… the already captured Piyo-chan exposed her hostility and thanks to her pledging allegiance, turning her fury affectionate and doing a rich personal grooming, the Filorials converted to Naofumi-sama’s camp.” (Atla)
“Rich?” (Naofumi)
“Yes. I cannot remember how many times Piyo-chan raised her voice in pleasure.” (Atla)
“Naofumi-sama!?” (Raphtalia)
“He has no memory of it!” (Atla)
Eh? Is this a metaphor?
Was I raped by Subordinate Number One or something?
“Firo, was I assaulted by Subordinate Number One?” (Naofumi)
“Trying to conceive children? You’re wrong~” (Firo)
Apparently I’m wrong.
Or I should say, don’t talk about conceiving children.
“Firo also wants to be caressed like that~ ….I was envious….. to say something similar, it’s like the feeling he had when Master stroked the little Onee-chan today, almost to the point of ecstasy~” (Firo) [T/N: Little Onee-chan = Raph Species]
“Naofumi-sama? When did you….” (Raphtalia)
Actually, I was stroking the concealed Raph.
I really like the feel of them.
But Raphtalia gets upset when I stroke them so I had been doing it in hiding.
Why am I being treated like I’ve been unfaithful.
Anyway, to stroke them with that kind of feeling…. so it was having them pledge allegiance.
I don’t understand what the pledge means.
“Tell me if you saw me! Or rather, if the Raph are no good then Raphtalia! Let me stroke your tail.” (Naofumi)
What am I saying? It’s turning into sexual harassment.
It’s a case of reversed anger. [T/N: Being angry at someone who would normally be angry at you]
“Eh…ah…uhh. I-I understand. It’s fine to stroke the Raph as long as it’s within my eyesight.” (Raphtalia)
As I expected, it’s better than stroking her tail. [T/N: Raphtalia doesn’t want her tail stroked no matter what.]
I don’t know which is proving fortunate.
“Then how do I make Subordinate Number 1 be obedient?” (Naofumi)
“I think it’ll be fine if you did it for a while, Piyo-chan~? About Master, I said before that Firo’s love is different.” (Firo)
“Ah, right.” (Naofumi)
“But stroke me occasionally.” (Firo)
Sigh…Filorials are very weird.
As expected, the Raph are best.
They aren’t vulgar.
No, it might just be that I haven’t confirmed it yet.
Or rather, I’m probably too pleased with them.
“Ah, they said Kiel-kun’s Crepe Tree is bearing fruit, Master, let’s go eat.” (Firo)
“Wait wait, what Crepe Tree?” (Naofumi)
I’ve heard about the Bread Tree but…. so it’s what Kiel was talking about when she was being punished.
That was also made by me, huh.
“Naofumi-sama, me too.” (Atla)
“You’re not allowed.” (Naofumi)
“Aww….” (Atla)
Atla really is a dangerous fellow.
She agrees no matter what I do.
Despite this, I know that it’ll turn bad if she continues to obey.
If possible, I’d like her think for herself and not depend on me.
In the past, I said this to Raphtalia.
<From an objective point of view, you and your companions need to be careful>
Right, it’s an objective point of view.
We must sharpen ourselves to be seen as splendid from a stranger’s perspective.
I’d want put in a great effort and chase my ideals together with my partner, and have them acknowledge my current self, instead of depending on them.
Furthermore, I followed those words.
<You can’t believe that you can do anything just because you are a companion of a hero. Try not to inconvenience anyone.>
I don’t care about the world after the waves.
However, Raphtalia will remain in this world, so I must secure a place for her to belong.
I will make a world where Raphtalia can be happy even without me.
One way or another, a problem is emerging with the slaves here being dependant on me.
From now on, I will have them rely on Raphtalia and the others first, and if it still isn’t resolved then I can make my appearance.
…Huh? Isn’t that no different to how it was before I turned crazy….?
Yeah, it’s because Kiel, who should have been assisting Raphtalia, went on a rampage.
So I have no choice but have the slaves who are motivated, with the exception of Kiel, work hard.
“Raphtalia.” (Naofumi)
“What is it?” (Raphtalia)
“Of the guys originally born in the village, please aid and train those who have leadership like Kiel. If possible, the guys who aren’t too attached to me.” (Naofumi)
“….Okay.” (Raphtalia)
Kiel showed hostility from the start, but she’s now become too attached.
In the beginning, I somehow destroyed the ruins of the home she originally lived in, so how can she be so attached to me.
There’s also the effect of food, but she’s a charismatic person by nature.
And she doesn’t think too deeply but acts on her instincts like Firo, so I want an intelligence faction.
Piyo is like that but Firo is her superior so that’s also troublesome.
And, as we were talking, we ―― became speechless.
“Wh-what is this!” (Naofumi)
Firo called it the Crepe Tree, but it really is a crepe tree!
There were flower-like things which were round dough pieces blooming, with fruit wrapped in their center, and they changed shape as they ripened.
Bugs or something seemed to be gathering, was that alright?
Then again, the nectar-filled depressions, where the bugs were gathering, were in various parts of the tree.
Somehow, when I peer inside… inside the depressions were carnivorous plants and inside, it seemed the bugs were being converted into nourishment
It was ripening with nutrients from this bug?
Ugh… it’s quite a disgusting tree….
“Ah, Nii-chan!” (Kiel)
Kiel addressed me, picking crepes off the tree.
In her hand she grasped crepes intended for us to eat.
“Will Nii-chan eat too?” (Kiel)
“No…give me a break.” (Naofumi)
“Is that so? It’s super yummy though? But it doesn’t have as much flavour as Nii-chan’s handmade food.” (Kiel)
“I’ve also become unable to cook because of the curse.” (Naofumi)
“That’s why this tree has the tastiest desserts right now.” (Kiel)
Kiel answered with confidence.
As I expect, it’d be impossible for this guy to be a Sub-leader.
Her actions are too erratic.
“Kiel-kun. One of the villagers said this, but is it true that you won’t separate from this tree?” (Raphtalia)
“That’s right! Cos I never know when a thief might come!” (Kiel)
So Kiel has always been sleeping by the Crepe Tree ever since we returned to the village?
She must treasure it a lot.
“Keep it moderate, okay.” (Naofumi)
“I’ve got it Nii-chan. Ah, does Firo-chan also want a crepe?” (Kiel)
“Yeah!” (Firo)
Firo stuffed her cheeks with the delicious crepe.
That….is a crepe produced with nutrients from bugs, right? I’ve lost my appetite….but let’s not say that aloud.
Firo would be indifferent about eating bugs and stuff anyway.
Incidentally, Kiel started living in a kennel that was established next to the tree so I constructed a temporary dwelling using a Bioplant to stave off the wind and rain.
Kiel… you said you were going to protect your precious house, didn’t you. The house you neglected will cry.
Or, has it become House = Crepe Tree? Please stop with the jokes.
Afterwards, Kiel poured her efforts into looking after the Crepe Tree, and the Crepe Tree also grew as if responding to her affection.
Subsequently, the legendary Crepe Wood became a local specialty and the moment of its birth… just kidding.
“I’d like you to not get carried away with any jokes.” (Naofumi)
“That’s right.” (Raphtalia)
Raphtalia replies while giving the Raph a sidelong glance.
I understand it. I’d feel the same if there was a copycat who resembled me.

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