Chapter 291: Dragon Faith

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Chapter 291: Dragon Faith

Several Days Later

In order to consult the Queen about the forces that would assist against the wave, I head to the castle.
I also want to see if the Old Man had completed the carriage I ordered, so I bring Firo with me.
Raphtalia and Firo, and also Fohl, were dragged into my portal. I teleported him away right in front of Atlas’s eyes. (TL: Not that it matters)

“We’ve arrived.”

We immediately arrive inside of the castle, and Fohl instantly begins displaying hostility towards me.

“You…” (Fohl)
“What? This is also a form of punishment, you know. We need to get her to repent, somewhat.” (Naofumi)
“Think about my position too!” (Fohl)

Ah, Fohl begins crying.
He’s putting up with quite a bit right now.
I guess being the target of hatred for his beloved sister is too much to bear.

“I’m sorry, Fohl-kun. We’re…

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