Chapter 294: Collect ・ Wall ・ Ball

Inlitify OA

Chapter 294: Collect ・ Wall ・ Ball

We continued leveling for the Wave. I got the Old Man to make Raphtalia a new sword, and placed an order for Firo’s claws with Imya’s Uncle. With that out of the way, we zealously proceed to level grind.

Because of this, my level has already climbed to 105.
Raphtalia’s and Firo’s were frozen at 100, so they’re prepared enough.
The others in the village are also reaching quite high levels.
Especially the Heroes. They’re all somewhere around level 115. Their strength is also considerable.
It may have something to do with that peculiar weapon, but Rishia was able to break the level cap, and advance to level 105.

And… the problem lies with Atlas and Fohl.
Let me reaffirm the situation with the siblings.
Every day, Atlas tries to sleep by my side. To get through the strict defenses on my house…

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