Chapter 295: Sibling Fight

Inlitify OA

This will become a fighting game for a bit.

Chapter 295: Sibling Fight

“Onii-sama! I will be fighting with you!” (Atlas)
“Not happening!” (Fohl)

Ever since Fohl returned, Atlas has been constantly berating him.
Though she didn’t suddenly attack him to silence him or anything.
Well, if she did something like that, I definitely wouldn’t let her participate in it.
I would never be able to trust someone like that.

She treats my orders as absolute, and agrees with whatever I say.
And whenever my life is concerned, she will stay by me until the end.
I am her absolute doctrine.

There was a time when I wanted a girl to be blindly obedient to me, but when I actually met someone like that, I could do nothing but worry for her.
I’m a villain, I laugh when misfortune befalls others. I’ve long forfeited my qualifications to be followed…

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