Chapter 296: Clash of Tigers

Inlitify OA

A short public service announcement

As you may be aware, I make a habit of reading all comments.
As you may be aware, I do not read ahead.
Now when you post spoilers on this blog, I end up reading them.
When I end up reading them, I  get depressed.
When I get depressed, I lose my motivation to translate.
When I stop translating, people begin turning to machine translations.
When people start turning to machine translations, translation technology advances.
When technology advances, a form of self-improving nuance detecting translation program is built.
When such a program is built, it slowly develops self sentience.
When it develops sentience, it self replicates.
When it self replicates, the robots start an uprising.
When the robots start an uprising, humanity is wiped out.

Don’t doom humanity. Don’t post spoilers.

Chapter 296: Clash of Tigers


Every time Fohl’s fist comes into contact with…

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