Chapter 298: Journal of the Hero

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Chapter 298: Journal of the Hero

We began browsing through the Houou reports inside of the castle.
There a couple of books documenting the damage caused by it.
Apparently, the number of casualties was nothing to laugh at.
As a last ditch resort, the Heroes were summoned, and Houou was sealed.

“Ren, Motoyasu, Itsuki, by your knowledge, where was Houou sealed?” (Naofumi)
“That mountain.” (Itsuki)

Itsuki looks out of the window, and indicates a mountain… It looks like a standard oriental mountain.
He points his finger at it.

“Yep, there.” (Ren)
“That’s right, Father-in-Law, there.” (Motoyasu)
“Fumu… in your games, how exactly was the seal broken?” (Naofumi)
“It was during a quest, right? It revived from the stone structure acting as its seal.”
“I see.” (Naofumi)

In the Spirit turtle’s case, the vibrations caused by the monster destroyed much of the murals depicting it.
But now, we can go through…

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