Chapter 301: The Eve of Houou

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Chapter 301: The Eve of Houou

“According to legend, it could turn into chains. It even changed into a flail.” (Queen)
“That’s really not that different, is it…?” (Naofumi)

I mean, they’re all blunt weapons.
The boundaries between the Seven Star weapons seem quite vague. I’m jealous.

“The greatest difference would be that the Whip can draw out the power of monsters.” (Queen)

I scene of the Queen whipping a monster and forcing it into submission floats in my mind.
Do you mean like that? The Queen in front of me… does she do that to Trash?
No, I really, really don’t care.

“The Hammer and Axe are similar as well.”

It’s not like there are… no differences between a set of claws and gauntlets.

“Is that so?” (Queen)

So she wasn’t questioning it at all.
Since she was taught as such from the beginning, she doesn’t find it strange…

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Chapter 300: A Seven Star Weapon

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Chapter 300: A Seven Star Weapon

After that, we started training based on our assumptions of Houou.

“Why does Firo have to cooperate with Gaelion…?” (Firo)

With a frankly reluctant face, Firo complains. But following my orders, she flaps her wings, and releases fake attacks.
She’s responsible for the lower altitude one.
The real one should be much bigger, but this is just practice, so there’s no helping it.


Gaelion is happily flying at a high altitude. He deployed a complicated magic aria to seal the other Gaelion. Of course, he’s emulating the higher one’s magic bombardments from above.
When I asked Adult Gaelion later, the younger was overly happy at being asked a favor by me.

“As I thought, there’s a problem with dealing with the higher one’s attacks.” (Itsuki)

After training ended, Itsuki stated as such.

“I see.” (Nafoumi)

When sparring with Firo, and the other Flying…

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Chapter 299: The Last of the Seven Stars

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Chapter 299: The Last of the Seven Stars

And well, it was preserved decently, but the bottom of the mural was completely weathered away.
They probably thought it was just a pattern in the picture, but it was honest-to-goodness Japanese

Just like this… there…

There’s barely any that I can read. Again, what’s the meaning of this?
But there was something amazing in the list of Houou’s attacks…

The picture depicted the first one falling, and the second one swelling up.
After that, the next pictogram depicted the remaining one exploding, leaving nothing but scorched earth.
After taking this attack once, the heroes retreated.
At least, according to this record.

Didn’t they beat it?
I thought for a second, but looking closely at the exploding bird, I saw that it was dividing in two.
I guess this attack happens whenever you beat one of them.
And after the remaining one…

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