Chapter 301: The Eve of Houou

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Chapter 301: The Eve of Houou

“According to legend, it could turn into chains. It even changed into a flail.” (Queen)
“That’s really not that different, is it…?” (Naofumi)

I mean, they’re all blunt weapons.
The boundaries between the Seven Star weapons seem quite vague. I’m jealous.

“The greatest difference would be that the Whip can draw out the power of monsters.” (Queen)

I scene of the Queen whipping a monster and forcing it into submission floats in my mind.
Do you mean like that? The Queen in front of me… does she do that to Trash?
No, I really, really don’t care.

“The Hammer and Axe are similar as well.”

It’s not like there are… no differences between a set of claws and gauntlets.

“Is that so?” (Queen)

So she wasn’t questioning it at all.
Since she was taught as such from the beginning, she doesn’t find it strange…

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