Chapter 302: Vs. Houou

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Chapter 302: Vs. Houou

Just as I thought, like the Spirit Turtle, Houou also headed for the area with the densest population. It headed straight for our vast army.
The number 『8』 floats in my field of vision.
I assume this is meant to be the 8th wave.

“You guys, don’t make a mistake and land the killing blow too early.” (Noafumi)
“We know!” (Ren)

Ren is near the front. He faces the low altitude Houou, and begins releasing various attacks at it.


The higher Houou starts flapping its wings at us, raining feathers and fire down at us.

「Meteor Shield」!

I used my chi to raise its defense and scope quite a bit.
With this, I can protect the entire front line, but my powers are insufficient to cover the rest.
This battle is still within expectations.

“You all understand, right?” (Naofumi)

I turn around, and find…

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