Chapter 303: An Unforgivable Flash

Inlitify OA

Can ya wankahs just quit it wit’ ya bloody spoilahs? I ulrede lost me motivation to translate, an ‘m trying to revav it rah naw.

Please don’t forget that I am site Admin, and that I can ban people (Though I only used this power on the Yaoi guy so far, and my actual brother for the luls)

Chapter 303: An Unforgivable Flash

As always, the problem is his absorption ability.
The Spirit Turtle Shell cannot stop the drain of MP.
The Barbarian Armor has Absorb Resist (Medium), so luckily, my magic didn’t fall to zero.

… I can’t deny the possibility that he can absorb SP as well.
I could change to the Soul Eater Shield with Drain Null, but then my defense would drop.
It’s not that I wouldn’t be able to manage, but I think my Spirit Turtle Shell was just barely able to take that last…

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