Chapter 304: A Price Too Great

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Hey wait I just checked Baka-Tsuki, and someone registered me all the way up to 305. It’s not like I wasn’t planning on doing them, but please don’t register me.

Chapter 304: A Price Too Great

I step in front of the bursting Houou. To protect Raphtalia. To protect the Heroes, and the slaves, and the Allied Armies. I stand against the flames scorching the ground before me.
I have no time to worry about the damage from Blutopfer.
I can only count on the Wrath Shield’s defense power.
Perhaps the Spirit Turtle Shell would work as well, but this one has higher defense at the moment.


I let out my voice, as I go forward, step by step, to push away the flames coming at us.
Besides the area I defend, everything is charred black.

Gu… It’s gotten past my Shield’s defenses, and I feel the excruciatingly hot…

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