Chapter 307: Funeral

Inlitify OA

Since Naofumi lost his Wrath, I’ll need to make another header entry contest.

Chapter 307: Funeral

The next day.
After we both tired ourselves out with lamentation, I slept with Raphtalia.
(TL: No, not like that)

“These are the heroes that risked their lives to win this battle… Salute!”

In front of the castle on the land where Houou was sealed, a funeral service was being held.
Those who were lost in the battle were respectfully buried.
We had to part with several people from my village as well.

I raised them to be my pawns for war… but I wanted all of them to return alive.
Should I… stop deploying them in waves?
If I’ll have to feel like this every time, then I don’t want to send them into battle.

I quietly stood in front of Atlas’s casket.
It’s empty. Her body is… inside my Shield.
I gently…

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