Chapter 306: VS Houou Final

Akasha Link

VS Houou Final

The shield was very simple but it felt as warm and tender as the sunlight.
Its stats are the highest of any of my unlocked shields.

On top of that, this shield’s effect has the ability to give enchantments.
My defence is rising endlessly.

And… the Slave, Demi-human and Companion series have all been completely unsealed.
This includes all of their bonuses.
In other words, all of my slaves and companions had all their abilities dramatically increased.

I change to my usual Spirit Turtle Shell.

Growing Power has been activated by Growth Up!
Spirit Turtle Shell had changed!

Increasing it any further is unnecessary.
Right now I can’t afford to wait and see if it grants any bonuses.

Everyone here had miraculously finished their treatment.
The Healers are all treating it like a miracle.

As I leave the tent I look to the sky, and see…

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