Chapter 308: Kirin

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Chapter 308: Kirin

After returning to the village by Portal, we immediately set out for Faubley.

“Firo’s carriage…”
“We had to leave it. There’s no helping it.”

I can’t warp while taking something of that size along.
So Firo will have to use one of the cheap carriages in the village.
One of the other Filo Rials will carry her’s back to the village later.

“Let’s do our best.”

I took whoever had high combat abilities with me.
The heroes were a given, and Fohl was included in that category now.
Raphtalia, Firo, Rishia, Kiel, Sadina, Taniko, Gaelion, and that Granny, whose combat experience is high (She apparently performed quite a bit in the previous battle, but I never saw it). Motoyasu’s three, and Female Knight were also brought along.
There’s also the Queen, and Trash. I don’t care about the latter, but the Queen will be useful…

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