Chapter 328: Fenrir Force

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Chapter 328: Fenrir Force

“Where the hell do you think you’re looking!?” (Tact)
“Ah, sorry, sorry. My bad.” (Naofumi)

Now then, I should stop showing off.
Raphtalia and the others are alright.
It’s about time I take this battle seriously.

“Everyone, cast support! If we combine our power, we should easily be able to crush this guy!” (Tact)

Oy… the rules have changed, dude.
Didn’t you say you would be enough alone?

「Zveit Boost」!
「Zveit Magic」!

… etc.
And like that, various support magics were cast, but it doesn’t feel like anything’s changed that much.

In comparison, Revelation Aura X’s effects are amazing.
It was able to raise our basic abilities enough for me to stand on even ground with one thrice my level.
But it’s not like this guy’s a Hero, and if I didn’t distribute points into the skill, it wouldn’t have been this effective.

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Chapter 327: Looking Aside

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Chapter 327: Looking Aside

Raphtalia and the Kitsune woman are exchanging stares.
From what I see, the Kitsune is but a little girl.
However, her speech pattern reaks of old age.
Is she that Loli-baba thing that’s all the rage these days?
(TL: Loli = Loli, Baba = Baba, I.E. Shiroyasha)

“Raccoon Wench, do you think you stand a chance of victory with me as your opponent?”
“I don’t really know. From what I see, you’re a mix between a Fox Race, and a Zveal Race, but what sort of grudge do you hold against me?” (Raphtalia)
“Foolish Raccoon, who knows not your place, don’t get cocky because you tricked me…

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Chapter 326: X

Kookie wonders if she would be able to translate more chapters if she had an editor. But Kookie is too lazy to deal with applications and the hassle of actually finding someone….
Edit: Kookie took the first volunteer and promoted them to editor. Please welcome RebelGoRound [unless you wish to use another alias?] as our new editor~~
As one would expect (maybe because it was too cramped), Tact, our followers minus the women who couldn’t be found, and I descended from the terrace and started our respective battles.
Gaelion, Ren and Firo’s battles were in the sky.
“Hahaha, do you really think you, who possess only a single Seven Star Weapon, can win against me, who possesses five Seven Star Weapons and one of the Four Saint Weapons, a total of Six?” (Tact)
“That power was obtained unfairly, after all. A fake can’t win against the real deal.” (Naofumi)
“…..You’re all talk.” (Tact)
“What are you spitting at the sky for?” (Naofumi) [T/N: Proverb: to invite disaster onto oneself. If you spit up at the sky, it’ll fall back down and land on your face.]
“Huh? What are you saying?” (Tact)
“Then I’ll make it easier for an idiot like you to understand. Will you get it if I said to think of a Boomerang?” (Naofumi)
“What did you say!?” (Tact)
I immediately grip the Cane with both hands and start casting a spell. [T/N: Why is it cane? It can also be translated as Staff/Wand…]
This is the original ability of the Seven Star Cane.
It’s an ability the Cane was endowed with, and it shortens the chant of a spell.
If it’s mastered to perfection, Trash said it might not even need a chant but that’s probably impossible for me.
Apart from that, it also allowed someone to learn magic they had no aptitude for.
This was really exceptional so I was surprised.
I reflect on how difficult the shield is to use, as I grasp the Cane tightly with appreciation.
I’m a little reluctant to return it to Trash.
I cast magic on all my allies here whilst combining my SP and Magic.
This spell needs an absurd amount of time to cast, but it was greatly reduced because of the Cane.
It’s like a puzzle with five parts, which must be fully solved before it can be invoked, becoming something with only two simple ones.
And thus…. I invoked the strengthening technique contained in the Seven Star Cane.
<I, the true hero, command the heavens and earth, remove and connect the principles, and expel the pus. Oh, Force of the Dragon Pulse. Build up my strength along with my magic and hero’s might, I command you as the true hero who is worthy of the origin of power. I once more read and understand everything in nature, bestow everything unto thy subjects.>
“All Revelation Aura X!” (Naofumi)
Right, this was the Cane’s strengthening technique.
To put it simply, it’s of the Skill Acquisition class.
It’s similar to how someone can raise the abilities of their favourite skills and magic by distributing points they earn from leveling up in net games.
Ren spoke about it in the past.
That Brave Star Online uses a system with Skill Points.
In other words, it’s that sort of thing.
Raising your level and distributing the Skill Points to learn skills.
It’s a standard system in many of the online games I know.
That was the strengthening technique of the Cane and Gauntlets.
The Cane could assign points to magic, and skills for the Gauntlets
Acquiring points from my current level and distributing them to my Magic and Skills respectively.
Well, if one were to focus on a single Spell, it would consume a comparable amount of points.
But apparently they can be reassigned if there’s an issue, which is a relief.
The required materials and the enchantment points inside the weapon….  in this case, using the Proficiency Points that Ren taught us about seems to be the most convenient thing to do, but I can reassign the points after waiting one-day for the cooldown.
I think it’s a befitting ability.
And the spell I just cast was an exceptional supporting spell that raises one’s full capacity: Aura.
Furthermore, it was the Revelation Aura class that only heroes can cast.
To explain the magnitude of this spell that was boosted by the strengthening technique of the Cane..
“Take this!” (Tact)
Tact set out and fired his Vanzin Claw or something in my direction.
I dodged it by a paper-thin margin.
Why was I able to dodge it?
Tact’s attack was awfully slow.
And honestly, it attacked in a straight line so I could actually see the beam that appeared.
Of course, it wasn’t that the beam itself was slow but if I had to say, I supposse it was like a low-powered pea-shooter?
The beam looked like an orb traveling at a slow speed.
If I had been paying attention, Tact’s words from before, the “Take this!” would have sounded more like “Ttttttaaaaaakkkkkkkkeeeeee Thhhhiiiiiisssss!”
Tact’s attack flew past me.
Like this, our abilities have risen to an abnormal level.
The Net Game that Ren played wasn’t like this, but each grade resulted in a big boost.
Not only for the effects, but for the duration and additional effects as well.
In other words, strong spells like All Revelation Aura needed a lot of points, but the effect also increased a lot.
It varied depending on the Spell or Skill.
There’s the possibility that the complicated spells or skills from until now may transform.
This is the power of the Cane and Gauntlets.
With the intent of protecting this world… the Spirits have lent me all of their strength.
“You avoided it?” (Tact)
“What’s wrong? You only have the certain-kill technique you always use?” (Naofumi)
It seems Tact couldn’t see my movements.
It was nothing more than my support magic’s ability being improved to that extent though.
Or rather, to be surprised if someone suddenly dodges your special move…. just which titan of light is that special move from. [T/N: Ultra Beam! (Ultraman) ….maybe?]
I wonder why I’m holding back, but I’ve thought badly of guys who fire from the onset.
I see, so if it’s avoided then it becomes this sort of situation.
“Hmph. I missed on purpose. It’s not fun otherwise.” (Tact)
“Yes, Yes. So you say.” (Naofumi)
I grasp the Cane tightly and fill it with power.
The Cane also has other skills.
Gamers might understand if I say it has a Charge Skill.
“Let’s play a little.” (Tact)
Saying that, Tact brandished his claw towards me.
I saw through it all and completely avoided it.
First I ducked, then I leapt, using Tact himself as a foothold.
The current me is not the Hero of the Shield.
I’m borrowing the defense from the Seven Star Weapons, and it’s lower than Ren and the other Four Saints’ defense.
It’ll hurt if I get hit and will definitely be an inexcusable attack.
In addition, I might have my weapon stolen if I engage in a direct duel.
Just what martial art knowledge does he have? I feel like he’s refined the stance and movements.
However, the opponents I always sparred with were prodigies. [T/N: Atla/Raphtalia]
Always laboring, revealing attacks that surpass my expectations.
I fought that kind of prodigy so it wasn’t enough.
It was disappointing, but none of his attacks exceeded my expectations.
Continuously using feints, trying to kill me―
“Erst Slash!” (Tact)
He fired a skill but his feints were obvious, so it was lacking.
I delayed the timing of my dodge, and while watching the self-confident Tact’s face..
“Yotto.” (Naofumi)
I dodge it nimbly.
“Ku…. well looks like the former Hero of the Shield, who couldn’t do anything but defend, isn’t bad.” (Tact)
He’s extremely boring.
What I’m seeing through are just simple attacks.
“….You seem to be misunderstanding something so I’ll explain. Defending is more complicated than attacking. Like needing to shift the impact of an opponent’s attack to reduce its power and such.” (Naofumi)
“Now! Second Slash!” (Tact)
I stabbed Tact’s arm with the tip of the Cane and averted his Claw Slash.
Because of that, the skill Tact fired, Second Slash, didn’t have sufficient power and vanished.
“I wouldn’t say that’s an opportunity.” (Naofumi)
“Gu….” (Tact)
“Try firing your skill however much you want. I’ll immediately destroy its power. This is how I fight as the Hero of the Shield.” (Naofumi)
The Hero of the Shield has no need to receive all the opponents’ attacks.
To elude the attack, I can make it so the power doesn’t come out in advance.
It’s precisely for this that I’ve been continuously practicing since coming to this world, and I know techniques to interfere with the opponents’ attacks.
After that there were various things, like a barrage of attacks, but right now Tact was only focused on me so there’s no problem.
Like this, it seems like I have some room to spare.
I should pay a little attention to Raphtalia and the others.
Otherwise it might be dangerous.
I have to support them if anything happens.
I decided not to lose anyone a second time.

Chapter 325: Provocation

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By the way, there is no indication of who’s speaking on the Naofumi-side, so it’s always notated as Naofumi

Chapter 325: Provocation

Now then, if you’re wondering how we got here so fast, we left the matter of the wave completely to Motoyasu and Itsuki. The other Heroes went and registered at Zeltburg’s hourglass.
Their dragon hourglass is managed by the country, but with Itsuki’s membership in the Dark Guild, and the Slave Dealer’s connections, we managed to get through.
And Heroes get a free pass to things like this.

The Hero in Zeltburg was killed a while ago, and the upper echelon of their government had their pride, so they happily cooperated.
The country’s mercenary guild was also happy to help, and talking them over was too…

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Chapter 324: The King of Wisdom

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Chapter 324: The King of Wisdom

“Are the preparations in order?” (Naofumi)
“Yes, Iwatani-dono.” (Trash)

The wave is coming… and at the same time, Faubley will attack. I’m speaking to Trash in the castle.

“You sure are good at thinking up plans.” (Naofumo)

From the day after the meeting, we’ve been meeting with Trash, and preparing for his operations.
Of course, we also train ourselves when we’re free.
Even if Heroes have no level limit, it’s impossible for us to overtake the level 350 Tact in the time we have.
But we have our own trump card.

Using the knowledge I gained, Trash, and Fohl’s Seven Star weapon, we’ve put our final plan together.
The country’s Dragon Hourglass is almost empty.
If you look over the walls of Melromark’s…

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Chapter 323: Change Raph

A wild KOOKIE appeared!
Wild KOOKIE is lazing about!
Wild KOOKIE fled!
READER received 1574 EXP. READER received a SHIELDBRO CHAPTER!
Change Raph
“Eh…” (Raphtalia)
Ah, Raphtalia’s smile became stiff.
Well it would be eerie if a creature that looked exactly like you were to put on a pretense and take your place.
It’s that. It’s similar to a doppelgänger.
When I think about it like that, it seems like a creepy being so it’s quite bizarre.
However there’s a distinction. They feel different.
Somehow the real Raphtalia differs a little from my ideal, and it feels better to pet Raph-chan.
In the end, there’s a gap between my ideal and the real Raphtalia.
“I can tell them apart when I pet them though.” (Naofumi)
“To pet Raphtalia enough to distinguish between them, you say~ even Onee-san is getting embarrassed~” (Sadina)
“That’s right… the reason I can tell the difference is because I’ve been travelling with Raphtalia until now.” (Naofumi)
“Naofumi-sama, that conversation is getting…” (Raphtalia)
Raphtalia’s face turned red.
As usual, it seems that she’s not good with this subject.
“Then Raph-chan can become Raphtalia-chan’s body double, right~” (Sadina)
Sadina said some unnecessary… well, it might be good to consider that.
To even reproduce Raphtalia’s memories…. certainly, that may be more advanced than just making a homunculus.
That route is wrong though.
“Rafu~” (Raph-chan)
“Geh.. she’s even compatible with Mii-kun’s body. The affinity is the worst… she can possess Mii-kun.” (Rat) [T/N: I’m going with female because Raph-chan is Raphtalia’s clone.. kinda]
“Don’t you dare hurt her.” (Naofumi)
“I won’t. However, I won’t let it go if she does possess Mii-kun.” (Rat)
“Ria~” (Raph-chan)
Raph-chan nodded once, as if she understood Rat’s threat.
Somehow she seems to have good perceptiveness.
“On that note, I’m having you finish making that carriage-type body, but she seems to be helpful. (Naofumi)
“Yes, she can even activate the cells so the efficiency of my work should be increased.” (Rat)
“That’s good. Even if it’s just that, it’s productive.” (Naofumi)
“Ah, Marquis, if you’re going to raise that child then you should Class her up properly. She should almost be at her limit.” (Rat)
“Got it.” (Naofumi)
Nevertheless, to Class Up at Level 90, huh.
I originally thought this in Gaelion’s case as well, but what’s the principle behind transcending the Class Up limit?
….What comes to mind is that it’s because the one being leeched off has had a Class Up maybe? [T/N: Wrath dragon stole Firo’s exp and levels but Gaelion didn’t Class Up until afterwards]
Like this, Raph-chan’s identity was established.
So she’s the legacy of the crazy me.
I didn’t expect anything other than combat.
By the way, this is something I learned later, but the Raphs with a higher ranked position have power, just like the Filorials. [T/N: Raph Queens (/Kings)]
It looks like the low ranked Raph obey them.
“Ah, I discovered an interesting project.” (Rat)
“What is it?” (Naofumi)
“Marquis, you had Filorial familiars if I’m not mistaken.” (Rat)
“Yeah, they come out even though I don’t call them.” (Naofumi)
“”Pii!”” (Filorial Familiars)
They appeared as if they were called.
“Try giving one to Raph-chan.” (Rat)
“Hm?” (Naofumi)
When I transfer one over, Raph-chan held the little Filorial with both hands.
Just like a raccoon.
“Rafu~” (Raph-chan)
…..What the hell?
“Pii.” (Filorial familiar)
And then a short while later it turned into a little Raph.
“Let’s see….” (Rat)
Familiar: Raph was learnt.
Mode Change: Raph was learnt.
Familiar Change was learnt.
“As I expected, it looks like it worked.” (Rat)
“What is this?” (Naofumi)
“Rafu!” (Familiar)
The little Raph started dancing with the Filorial familiar.
It’s slightly bigger than the familiar.
“To summarise, this is the Expanding the Marquis’s Abilities Plan? It seems there’s a variety of things that are possible like the Filorials.” (Rat)
“Ah.. I see.” (Naofumi)
“If you wanted to restore it…. it seems like you can use something to change it back but do you know, Marquis?” (Rat)
“For the time being.”
I try using Familiar Change.
The familiar that turned into a Raph became a Filorial.
I see, so Raphs can also change into Filorials depending on the situation it’s used in….
It’s quite elaborate.
I haven’t finished analysing it but it’s something like this.” (Rat)
“What kind of creature Raph-chan is…. I’ve also learnt a lot.” (Naofumi)
“Rafu~” (Raph-chan)
Raph-chan bows her head.
Is that slate your instruction manual or something.
“What’s the danger of a second or third Raph-chan being born?” (Naofumi)
“There’s none here but….” (Rat)
It’s not safe…. while thinking that, I leave the laboratory with Raphtalia.
Ah, Sadina and Raph-chan are also with us.
After this is…. there’s someone I need to speak to alone.
“Come to think of it, Granny’s son… where is he?” (Naofumi)
“He’s training with everyone.”
Right, Granny had a son.
He had been captivated by Granny’s fancy movements.
However, I mustn’t forget.
Granny’s death is unconfirmed at present…. but the party formation is already….
“I want to speak to him alone. Please don’t follow me.” (Naofumi)
“Understood.” (Raphtalia)
I suppose Raphtalia, the Female Knight and Fohl have conversed with him.
It’s getting considerably late. It’s time for the villagers to finish training and head to bed.
At this time of day, many of the older slaves, like Sadina, and the soldiers staying in the village would be having a drink in the Dining Hall.
I make my way to the Dining hall, if he wasn’t there then I’d head to the house I assigned to Granny.
Luckily, Granny’s son was drinking alcohol.
“Is this taken?” (Naofumi)
I point to the seat beside the Granny’s son.
“…Go ahead.” (Son)
Granny’s son nodded so I sat down.
Silence rules the surroundings.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t protect your mother.” (Naofumi)
I break the silence and apologise.
When I do, Granny’s son puts down his glass and looks downward, absorbed in thought.
“No…” (Son)
Granny’s son sinks into silence.
The silence is heavy.
“I heard from Raphtalia and the others. I think mother would be satisfied.” (Son)
“But..” (Naofumi)
Before I could reply, Granny’s son intercepts me with a gentle smile.
“My mother didn’t originally plan to leave behind the Hengen Musou style. Apparently a lot of things happened when she was younger.” (Son)
“I also heard about that.” (Naofumi)
“However… she wanted to personally help with the Hero of the Shield-sama’s efforts and made the decision to let someone succeed the school that she didn’t even teach me.” (Son)
“Come to think of it… I didn’t see you fighting that much.” (Naofumi)
He’s dressed like what might not be normally understood as a soldier.
At first, I had thought he was a villager.
“Yeah… and I didn’t even know that my mother was such a famous person.” (Son)
“Speaking of which… what about your father?” (Naofumi)
From what I’ve seen, Granny and her son look as distant as grandmother and grandson, rather than parent and child.
“I’m an orphan. So I’m not related to my mother by blood.” (Son)
“I see…” (Naofumi)
“Hero of the Shield-sama.” (Son)
“What is it?” (Naofumi)
“The Hero of the Shield-sama saved my mother’s life. And so she said she wouldn’t have any regrets no matter when she was to die, because the Hero of the Shield-sama bestowed her time.”
This is…. tough.
Fohl is also the same, but I never thought there would be times where I’d consider it better to be hated.
“Because she met the Hero of the Shield-sama, my mother shined the brightest I’ve ever seen. That’s why I only feel gratitude towards the Hero of the Shield-sama. If my mother sacrificed herself to let everyone escape and so the Hero of the Shield-sama could live, then…” (Son)
“……” (Naofumi)
“We spent all our savings to purchase Yggdrasil medicine to extend her life but… if it was just me, I’m sure mother wouldn’t have been able to live as long as she did. The time was increased, I was taught to fight and got stronger because of the Hero of the Shield-sama’s miracle.” (Son)
Fohl also said something similar.
Yggdrasil medicine, that medicine…. it gave me a bitter duty.
It’s karma.
“Hengen Musou is a style that exists for weak people to destroy the evil. My mother didn’t die in vain. Hero of the Shield-sama, please, my mother’s will…. let us succeed it. So if you’re troubled, take a step forward, you don’t have to worry about me.” (Son)
“But…” (Naofumi)
“I have a dream. The part of the Hengen Musou style that was lost when my mother was lost, that part… I believe it will be resurrected if it’s here. So, Hero-sama… Please let me join you in fighting to protect the world. For my mother’s sake as well.” (Son)
“….I understand. I don’t know when you might die though? Are you still fine with that?” (Naofumi)
“The Hengen Musou style will live on through this village. Even if I end up dying, it won’t be a complete death.” (Son)
“Is that so, you’re strong.” (Naofumi)
In that case, I will live up to her wishes.
I will defeat Tact with the Hengen Musou style.
After that, I exchanged a few drinks with Granny’s son and then retired to bed.
In a few days, the war and wave will come.
The preparations are complete. I’ve done all that I need to.
And thus, the war began.

Chapter 322: The Eighth Generation

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Chapter 322: The Eighth Generation

I immediately returned to the village with the Cane’s portal, and went to Rat, who was busy constructing her Carriage-type body for Mii-kun
It would be nice if I got some good info out of this.

“There is a strange stone embedded in it. Do you understand anything about it, Marquis?” (Rat)
“I can’t understand anything about the time I turned strange.” (Naofumi)

Apparently, I was really smart, but that doesn’t matter.
And wait, if I was able to grasp something about this, it would actually be amazing.

“Rafu~?” (Raph-chan)
“Do you know anything?” (Naofumi)

I ask Raph-chan, but there’s no way he’ll give an answer.
Is what I thought, but he let out a meek voice, and nodded.

“Rafu~.” (Raph-chan)

Raph-chan jumps on top of the tablet we were analyzing, and beckons Raphtalia to come closer.

“This again… Why do I have such a…

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Chapter 321: Jealousy

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Chapter 321: Jealousy

“Ah, Naofumi-chan. Are your wounds healed already?”

I left today’s work to Trash, and went to rest early due to my recent injuries. But as I was back to my place, Sadina appeared from the ocean.
Why is that the first line everyone says when they see me?
I don’t really know myself, but were my wounds really that serious?
I was incapacitated for a few days, so I guess there’s no helping it.

“For the most part. And? Did you have some business with me?” (Naofumi)
“We’re going to war, right? This Onee-san wanted to make herself a bit more useful, so I went out to raise my level.” (Sadina)
“I see.” (Naofumi)

In the sea, she’s unmatched.
And when it comes down to war, she’ll make for excellent manpower.
What’s more, she seems to have anti-personnel battle experience, so I have…

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Chapter 320: Raph-chan

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Raph-chan’s gender is unknown, because he/she is always referred to in a gender-neutral fashion.

Chapter 320: Raph-chan

“Then what sort of ability do these children possess?” (Trash)

I turn my eyes to Rat.

“Their individual powers are all over the place. But… each one specializes in Illusion Magic.” (Rat)

Well they were modeled after Raphtalia.
And her specialty is illusions.
The specific category is apparently light and darkness, but she can become invisible, and affect enemy perception to lead them astray.
Raphtalia herself doesn’t use magic too much, though. She mainly focuses on sword skills.

“Users of Illusion Magic… I think I’ll be able to use them. And it looks like I can also depend on their strength.” (Trash)
“By the way, Marquis, about this child.” (Rat)
“What about him?” (Naofumi)

She speaks while pointing to Raph-chan.

“From what I see, that one seems a little different from the rest…

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Chapter 319: Glamour vs. Loli

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Chapter 319: Glamour vs. Loli

The sun’s already set, but time is precious, so I ended up showing Trash my village’s situation… specifically the ones there that would make for good manpower.
For argument’s sake, he was with the Queen when we challenged Houou, so he should know, but I don’t think he has a definite grasp of my forces.

“Ah, Niichan.” (Kiel)

We used Ren’s portal to return, and Kiel found us.

“Are you already okay?” (Kiel)
“Well, yeah. More importantly, have there been any problems on your side?” (Naofumi)
“None. By the way, I believe that person was the one who was always next to Queen-sama.” (Kiel)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)
“This is the first time we’ve spoken. My name is known throughout the country, so I think you’ve at least heard it, though.” (Trash)
“I think it was…” (Kiel)

Kiel hesitates in giving her answer.
I mean, when I…

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