Chapter 309: Straying Off Course

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Chapter 309: Straying Off Course

We’ll head to Faubley after Firo and the others rest for a night.
Right now, we’re staying in an Inn of the neighboring country. Raphtalia left to bathe in the public bath.
Tomorrow, will we have a meeting with the Seven Stars?

There may only be one there, but we still need to go in protest.
The King seems to have taken a liking to me, and he should have at least enough political power to gather the Seven Star Heroes.
The Queen already sent a quick messenger, so they might be gathered by the time we get there.
The message also contained a form of my request.
He keeps sending over those disgusting videos one after the other, so I don’t think he’ll deny me so easily.

But… really, who is the culprit?
That one hero who defeated Kirin probably knows of the others.

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