Chapter 310: Firearms

Inlitify OA

I’d like to say it clearly. No, I am not dropping this project.

I’d like to say this clearly again. No, I am not dropping this project.

Third time’s the charm. No, I am not dropping this project.

I never said I was, so if you kill me off behind my back, it depresses me. This depression was the reason for the chapter delay. And I’m not a Baka-Tsuki translator, nor am I affiliated with them. What’s said on their site is irrelevant to me.

Chapter 310: Firearms

It happened a little before we warped to the village to set out.
On the island I once used as my base when I turned strange, it awakened.
It was sealed deeply underground, along with all equipment. Little by little, the machines worked on it autonomously, and as if it were a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, it opened its eyes…

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