Chapter 311: Genius

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I hope they don’t pull a Suikoden Teirkreis on us.

Chapter 311: Genius

Itsuki finished his copying, and returned.
Well, it’s not like he can put those weapons to use yet. He’ll have to strengthen them.
As we keep the carriage on course, we slowly draw near a castle much larger than the one in Melromark.

White dove-like monsters fly in the airspace above the structure, giving it a resolute fantasy-ish feeling.
If I had been summoned here, I would have been greatly moved by this scene.
It’s more grandiose than Melromark, and it seems that living here isn’t too bad.

If you think about it, this world is more medieval-ish than it is medieval.
In those days, large cities like this one would have terrible sanitation. I’ve heard that waste matter was simply dumped out windows back then.
High heels were apparently created to avoid stepping in such matter…

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