Chapter 312: Stolen Power

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Video Unrelated, but Gintama is back.

Oh, and It’s Tact. I’m just used to writing Taft for some reason. It’s a slip of the keyboard.

And I’d like people to remember that since he’s native to this world, he’s had, like, 15-20 years to level. Having graduated around 7-9, that leaves him 6+ years of adventuring, and leveling. He’s figured out how to break the level cap for non-heroes, so the fact that he only became a hero recently may be irrelevant. Naofumi and Co. have been here for around 5 months, and have reached around 120.

Chapter 312: Stolen Power

“A genius, you say? I can’t say I like the sound of that.”

The Granny uses this opportunity to enter the conversation.
First Itsuki, and then this old woman. These people sure love listening in on other’s conversations.
But why does the Hengen Musou Granny hate geniuses?

“…Why?” (Naofumi)

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