Chapter 313: Retreat

Inlitify OA

Chapter 313: Retreat


The power to steal… Legendary Weapons!?
What’s with that abnormal ability?
Wait a second.
The Hero of the Whip has the Claw because… he stole it?

“Yeah, the guy who called himself the Hero of the Claw had a rotten personality, so I already sent him to hell.” (Tact)

Again, Tact said it as if it were a matter of course.
If you kill a hero, isn’t the world supposed to be in trouble… So this is why the wave came so fast!?

No, it isn’t just the Hero of the Whip.
Perhaps the same became of all the Seven Star Heroes we can’t come into contact with.
I don’t know when they were killed, but we haven’t heard anything of them in the past two months.
So that means that the Seven Stars have been dead for a few months…

“And, all of the…

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