Chapter 316: The True Enemy

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Chapter 316: The True Enemy

“… As expected of the Hero chosen by the Spirit of the Shield. The other sprits are praising him.” (Atlas)
“Yes, yes, that’s all fine, and dandy. Now in exchange, reimburse me with information.” (Naofumi)

I’ll bombard this spirit with all the questions that have been circling my mind.
It’s as if this world itself is intentionally hiding information from me.

“First is… right. Why was I summoned?” (Naofumi)
“That’s probably because Naofumi-sama had the qualifications to be a Hero. 『No matter the trouble, even if you’re vomiting up blood, you’ll still proceed forward. Choosing you was no mistake on my part.』 says the Spirit of the Shield in Hind-sight.” (Atlas)

The four spirits are trying to appeal to me.
And among them, the Spirit of the Shield seems to be inflating itself, and acting cocky.

“Vomiting blood… Whose fault do you think that is!?”…

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