Chapter 318: Strategy Meeting

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Chapter 318: Strategy Meeting

We came all the way to the inside of the castle. To the room where Ren and the others were holding a meeting.
On the way, Motoyasu, Who was playing with his three, joined us.

“My, my. It’s the Hero of the Shield, and…”

Following me was Raphtalia and Trash, whose aura had changed beyond recognition.
The soldiers of the castle seemed to sense this too, and they swallow their spit.
For everyone to realize it so easily, I’m beginning to wonder if he’s truly the same person.
He definitely seems like someone else.
I felt it the first time I met it. This sort of… overwhelming Charisma circling around him.


The soldier carefully chooses his words as he speaks.

“Yes, I want to speak with the Heroes, and the Allied Forces. Won’t you open the way?” (Trash)
“Yes Sir!”

The soldiers salute as they…

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