Chapter 319: Glamour vs. Loli

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Chapter 319: Glamour vs. Loli

The sun’s already set, but time is precious, so I ended up showing Trash my village’s situation… specifically the ones there that would make for good manpower.
For argument’s sake, he was with the Queen when we challenged Houou, so he should know, but I don’t think he has a definite grasp of my forces.

“Ah, Niichan.” (Kiel)

We used Ren’s portal to return, and Kiel found us.

“Are you already okay?” (Kiel)
“Well, yeah. More importantly, have there been any problems on your side?” (Naofumi)
“None. By the way, I believe that person was the one who was always next to Queen-sama.” (Kiel)
“Yeah.” (Naofumi)
“This is the first time we’ve spoken. My name is known throughout the country, so I think you’ve at least heard it, though.” (Trash)
“I think it was…” (Kiel)

Kiel hesitates in giving her answer.
I mean, when I…

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